Ms. Satvinder Kaur is the winner of our first Facebook contest which was launched on 24th  June. As promised, she received an organic box (worth $100) packed with haze-healthy food such as lemons, leafy greens, organic mulberry leaf tea, olive oil, blueberries and some lovely Alaskan Salmon. The gift was delivered to her personally and we had fun catching up with her as well!

An ardent fan of organic produce, Satvinder started on the organic food trail years ago when the first few certified organic items to become available in Singapore were dried goods such as sugar and beans. “I’m quite happy to see the variety, availability and affordability of organic food improve over the years. In fact, I first bought Zenxin produce a long time ago in Johore and was rather excited to see Zenxin in Singapore a few years later.”

Satvinder loves cooking with organic ingredients. “They are intrinsically more nutrient dense and flavourful,” she says. “I would love to share my knowledge and love for organic food and am thinking of starting classes,” she added.

“It is cheaper, tastier and environmentally friendly to eat as local as possible. For me, Zenxin hits the mark with their product and price range and quality. The wild Alaskan salmon in the box surprised me and I logged onto to obtain some information about it. I was pleased to also find a source of non-homogenized milk in Singapore. On my wishlist, I would like to see Organic Peanut Oil (great for Chinese stir fry dishes), fresh organic rice noodles, chilled organic chicken and tree-ripened tropical fruits soon.”