This Christmas, add more flavour to your Christmas dishes with our tasty Christmas-friendly organic produce!

Ranging from herbs to potatoes, our organic produce are juicy, full of flavour, nutritious and best of all, free from pesticides and chemicals. Our produce are clean, safe and tasty!










Organic Butternut Squash

This organic butternut squash come from Victoria, Australia. It is sweeter than our popular Japanese pumpkin but it has lighter “pumpkin taste”. Perfect for creamy soups, savory sides, and even in tarts and muffins.








Organic Parsnip

Zenxin Organic Parsnip came all the way from Holland. The two best ways to cook parsnips are to roast or steam them.









Organic Brussels Sprouts 

Try steaming the Holland Organic Brussels Sporuts for maximum flavour and nutrition. It is like a mini version of round cabbage with intense sweetness.












Organic Rosemary

The Organic Rosemary is from Australia. Perfect for seasoning foods such as beef and pasta dishes.










Organic Thyme

The Organic Thyme is from Australia. It has quite distinctive flavour especially it is organic! This aromatic herb is a popular seasoning used for flavoring soups, poultry and beef.

Organic Potato Sebago

From Australia Organic Farm too! Good for chips and mash. A versatile potato which is also delicious when boiled, roasted or baked.


Organic Potato Desiree

From Australia Organic Farm too! Excellent when boiled (for salads and is also good for dry roasting, baking and mashing.


Organic Potato Dutch Cremes

From Australia Organic Farm too! Excellent for roasting and making mashed potatoes. Also great for purees and soup – it has a rich, buttery texture.








Organic Tomato on the Vine

This organic tomato on the vine is a kind of special breed from Holland. All the tomatoes on the same vine ripe together with each other. It is generally sweeter than the normal tomatoes and it has more intense flavour, nutritious, sweet, juicy and perfect for salads and pasta!










Organic Tomato Cherry Roma on the Vine

The organic tomato cherry roma is from Holland too! This is one of the newest organic vegetables products of Zenxin. Sweet and spicy in flavour, they add colour to salads and are perfect as a snack on-the-go. It is certainly an important partner of your organic salads which will impress your Christmas dinner guests.












Organic Lettuce

The organic lettuces are from Zenxin Organic Farm in Malaysia highlands. Our lettuce is famous for its sweetness as well as the good after taste. It is good to make salad or eat raw together with your roasted meat or bbq meat.











Organic Sweet Corn

The organic sweet corn is either from Zenxin Organic Park or our Thailand organic farm. This organic sweet corn is certainly one of the best choice for roasting or bbq! The cooking tip is not overcook this sweet corn to retain the juice of the corn. For your information, Zenxin Organic sweet corn can be eaten raw like carrots.












Organic Carrots – Australia 

The organic carrots of this season is coming from Jesmond Organic Farm in Victoria, Australia. It is certainly one of the best carrots with special milky taste (you can see it when you juice it). It is crunchy, sweet and flavourful! You may stir-fry, bake and stew with this organic carrots.


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