BUDAK KAMPUNG 2.0 in Zenxin Organic Park!
























It is all about back-to-nature fun with your beloved family and friends!
If you look for a half-day gateway in the farm that filled with both indoor and outdoor program which promote Kampung spirit , Budak Kampung 2.0 will be your first choice as it suit all ages.

Farm Walk with our in-house tour guide to discover organic farming in this 100 acre land, experience as an organic farmer to harvest the fresh produces in the farm, play with the adorable rabbits in the farm, enjoy the speed and strength of archery shooting in the natural environment will be the highlights that made you can’t say no to this special tailors made package.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s call up your family and friends to come down to the farm and be the real Budak Kampung now!


Budak Kampung结合了适合各年龄层的户外&室内农场特备活动,在玩乐与学习中推广柑榜精神,体会各种农家乐。

别等了!赶快召集亲友们一起来回归自然乐陶陶!当个真正的budak Kampung吧!

RASA SAYANG 2.0 in Zenxin Organic Park!























Are you ready for a relaxing green holiday from farm to table?

Rasa Sayang 2.0 is definitely an educational trip for all nature lovers and green fingers! Discover the wonderful world of herbs together with our knowledgeable in-house tour guide along the herbs garden which planted with more than 90types of herbs is a Must Do in the farm. Besides, plant a pot of Organic traditional herbs during the DIY Growing Workshop and you are allowed to bring it home! Furthermore, play and learn in the DIY Cooking Classroom for your own very first handmade Curry Puff with Organic Sweet Potato. Taste your curry puff while having the Organic refreshment juice we serve.

Without second thought, just book this package to enjoy the fun from farm to table to feel the true Rasa Sayang in the nature!


Rasa Sayang 2.0 带领您共赴一场知识性心灵之旅!如果您喜爱大自然与园艺栽种,一定不要错过在公园里长长的草药走廊,跟着导游探索认识超过90种的传统草药。在绿色环境中,您还能亲手栽种一盆含有许多功效的草药并可以把它带回家!当然,特备的厨房教室让您能有机会学习亲手制作有机甜番薯咖哩角,而且还能享用自己的成果!而一杯农场特色有机饮料将会让您回味无穷!