What you choose for your baby is crucial in building his or her health and immunity. 

When it comes to selecting baby food, the options are varied and can prove to be overwhelming for the first time parent. One commonly asked question is: is spending on organic food for baby worthwhile?

Our answer is, yes. Here’s why.

1. Organic food is pesticide-free

Organic food is grown and processed without chemical pesticides. Prolonged exposure to chemical pesticides can be harmful to human health. Kids or babies are more vulnerable to toxins due to their smaller body size.  Choosing to go organic means you are reducing your baby’s exposure to pesticide residue, and your little one will thank you for safeguarding his or her health with this measure. 

2. Organic food is tastier

Most people would agree that organic foods taste better.  Some food experts give credit to the soil care practised by organic farmers. Strong nourishment of the soil leads to well-nourished plants with high nutritional content and optimal flavour.  We are proud to have customers coming back for repeat orders, complimenting our  organic food offerings.  Feeding your baby cleaner organic food also helps them appreciate the natural flavours of food.

3. Organic food is kinder to the planet

Organic food is a result of sustainable farming, which causes less pollution to our environment.  Choosing organic food is an environmentally responsible choice, and directly works at protecting the planet for our future generations.  Studies have shown that organic agriculture can contribute to 8 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  attributed to the positive and unharmful effects of organic farming.

4. Organic food has no artificial nasties

Organic food is subjected to stringent regulation before it can be labelled as organic to ensure that they contain no chemical pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and artificial additives.  If you choose organic, your baby will only get all the goodness naturally present in the food. 

5. Organic food is non-GMO

Organic food is non-genetically modified.  While the safety of GMO foods remains debatable, choosing organic food for your baby ensures that they are protected from genetically modified substances. 

At ZENXIN, we have a variety of organic products that give babies and children great nutrition, such as our range of organic fresh produce (MY / SG)Organic Baby Noodles (MY / SG) , Organic Dried Turkish Fruits (MY / SG), to kickstart baby’s first food journey and to build their health.

Organic Baby Noodles with Fresh Spinach
Organic Baby Noodles with Fresh Sweet Potato
Organic Baby Noodles with Fresh Beetroot 
Organic Baby Noodles with Fresh Carrot
Organic Baby Noodles with Fresh Pumpkin

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