Japanese Cooking Class @ Zenxin Organic Singapore 14/8/2010 (Sat)

Dear Friends of Zenxin,

Zenxin Organic Food Singapore is bringing you another exciting event together with Shinobu San. Shinobu San is our guest chef of the series of Japanese Cooking [email protected] Organic, which is featured in Shin Nichi Ho 10-6-2010.

This coming Japanese Cooking Class @ Zenxin will make the end of the series.

On the menu this time are

  • Tonjiru (Pork & vegetable miso soup)
  • Ninjin no sunomono (Carrot in sweet vinegar salad)
  • Kuromai no mazegohan (Five ingredients Black rice)
  • Ingen no gomaae (French beans in sesame dressing)
  • Satsumaimo no chakinsibori (Sweet potato balls)
  • Served with green tea

Come and share traditional secrets of this refined cuisine, taste the results and take away a folder of recipes and tips. The class is limited to 5 participants and the price for this unique experience is only S$30.00. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this Healthy Dine and Share Japanese Cooking Class.

Preview: Potato Balls by Shinobu San.

Event: Japanese Cooking Class

Date: 14th August 2010

Time: 2pm

Venue: Zenxin Organic Shop @ Pasir Panjang, Singapore

Registration: $30 per person. Please email to [email protected]

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