Organic Smoothies!

It is always a pleasure to prepare good food for our family and friends. Please read more about how to make organic fruits and vegetable smoothies such as DANCING DRAGON, PUMPKIN PATRONUS, MORNING SUNSHINE, CHLOROPHYLL CLEANSER, BANANA BLITZ

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Zenxin Organic Christmas Recipes

Here are some of the recipes we developed and demonstrated on Dec 19th using some of our delicious new products. This year we have introduced organic cranberries with a recipe to spice up the traditional roast turkey. A wide range of fresh organic herbs can enhance your dishes, such as rosemary accompanying the roasted vegetables, parsley and chives to flavour the stuffed eggs. Our sweet potatoes make a scrummy pie as an alternative to Christmas pudding and to balance everything out there are a couple of Christmas salads for lighter fare. Here's wishing you all a joyous and healthy Christmas season from all of us at Zenxin.

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