Glutinous Millet Dumplings

Have you been seeing dumplings all over social media lately? The Dragon Boat Festival (The Duanwu Festival) is coming soon and everyone is preparing by making these delicious dumplings (Zongzi / Bak Zhang). The traditional dumplings are made with glutinous rice. This sticky rice is a common staple in the Asian diet, however, it is not a diabetic-friendly grain. Glutinous rice has the highest glycemic index among all the other types of rice, as it lacks a component of starch known as amylose. Hence it causes a short-term spike in your blood sugar once consumed and gets digested quickly - causing you to get hungry much faster. Note: The lower the amylose starch content, the higher the glycemic index.  But fret not, you still can enjoy your favourite dumplings this festive season with Glutinous Millet! Glutinous millet is high in protein, gluten-free and rich in iron, B vitamins and calcium [...]

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Organic Kale Chips

It was almost four years ago when Zenxin imported organic kale into Singapore markets. Today, organic kale is one of the most sought after vegetables among the foodies in Singapore. Apart from juicing, salads, soups and stews, one of the favourite ways to eat our organic kale is as dehydrated kale chips. The coating is a fabulous mix of cashew nuts and organic spices and packed full with other healthy taste notes. Try our recipe below!   Zenxin Organic Kale Chips To make organic kale chips, you need the following ingredients: 4 pkts Zenxin Organic curly kale 1 pkt soaked 'Simply Natural' raw cashew nuts 8 'Bioitalia' organic dried tomatoes + 2 tbsp of their organic olive oil 3 cloves Zenxin Organic raw garlic 1 (50g) pkt Zenxin Organic Thai basil (leaves only) 3-4 tsp 'Simply Natural' organic Thai seasoning 3 tsp 'Radiant Code' nutritional yeast 1 pinch 'Simply [...]

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Ceri’s Bircher Muesli Recipe

  Ceri's Bircher Muesli recipe (Feeds a big family for breakfast) Ingredients: 500g Zenxin raw rolled oats 500g filtered water or a good mineral water (eg. Volvic) 200g organic raisins Organic orange juice or other fruit juice (enough to cover the raisins) 3 organic green apples Juice of 3 organic lemons 200g of soaked organic almonds or hazelnuts 200g organic blueberries 2 Tbsp wild raw honey 1 tbsp plain organic acidophilus yoghurt (if dairy tolerant) Procedure: Soak the oats and almonds overnight separately in water and the raisins in the orange juice, again overnight. The water from the almonds is thrown away as it contains phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors which can inhibit trace elements and mineral absorption. Next morning drain excess water off the oats and the almonds. Chop the almonds, then add them and the raisins and orange juice to the oats. Grate the apples into the [...]

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