The 5 Heritage Filled Qingyuan Mushrooms You Should Know About

Sourced directly from Zhejiang, China, Simply Natural Organic Dried Qingyuan Mushrooms are organically grown in Qingyuan County, known as Mushroom City in China. Learn about the history, benefits, uses and recipe of each of the heritage filled mushrooms here.

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Lecithin:The Natural Remedy for Plugged Milk Duct

Dear new moms, don’t worry and don’t lose hope if you’re suffering from plugged milk ducts. Do you know consuming lecithin granules is one of a natural way to find relief from plugged ducts?

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Introducing Yerba Mate: New Tea in Town

Introducing Simply Natural’s new Organic Yerba Mate and Toasted Yerba Mate teas. Great coffee alternative, these teas provide a non-jittery boost of energy and helps one to stay attentive. Learn more about these traditional teas here.