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ZENXIN Healthier You Challenge

This year, ZENXIN invites you to celebrate our nation, our culture, our heritage, our history by taking on the inaugural ZENXIN Healthier You Challenge! Whether it be Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Char Kway Teow, Roti Canai, now’s the time for you to get creative! Be inspired by ZENXIN’s finest organic offerings and create your very own interpretation of this local delight right at home.   Stand a chance to win prizes worth RM200 and for your recipe to be featured on ZENXIN’s official website and social media platforms!

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Mee Sua Soup with Sliced Fish by Berlinda Goh

Mee Sua Soup with Sliced Fish by Berlinda Goh This comforting, easy to digest Mee Sua Soup with Sliced Fish will soothe and nourish your little one. It is especially helpful when kids lose appetite or when they are not feeling well. The use of ZENXIN steamboat stock and shiitake mushrooms give umami flavour to the soup, simply add organic sweet corn for natural sweetness, thus reducing the need of using sodium-laden seasoning like salt or MSG. Pumpkin mee sua has a smooth and soft texture, the vibrant yellow colour that comes from organic pumpkin helps stimulate appetites too. 1 box Simply Natural Steamboat Stock150 g Fish Slices1 cob Organic Sweetcorn (cut into 5 pieces)4 pcs Organic Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms4 pcs Organic Baby Corn (halved lengthwise)6 sliced Organic Carrot1 bunch Organic English Spinach (cut into small section)2 bundles Simply Natural Pumpkin Mee SuaGarnishingSome Fried ikan bilis1 stalk Coriander/Spring onionSeasoning [...]

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Slow Cooked One Pot Noodle by GK

Slow Cooked One Pot Noodle by GK Daikon (aka white radish) has long been considered a superfood due to its ability to rebalance the digestive system, boost immune system and strengthen respiratory health. Prepare this for your little one especially during the common cold and flu season as the combination of organic daikon, carrot, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms are best known for containing nutrients that ensure a healthy immune system. Different types of fresh vegetables also makes the dish more flavourful. Choose any of your kids’ favourite baby noodles, in fact all of them are equally good as each contains at least 20% of fresh organic vegetables. 1/2 packet Simply natural Baby Noodle1/2 pcs Organic Small Daikon1/2 pcs Organic Carrot1 medium sized Organic Tomato6 pcs Organic Cherry Tomatoes1/2 pcs Organic Yellow Onion1 tbsp Tomato Paste300 ml Chicken Stock200 g pork2 tbsp Simply Natural Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin1 tbsp [...]

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Couscous – So nice they named it twice

The word “couscous” is of Berber origin, which means “well formed, well rolled, rounded”. Many people would think couscous is a type of grain, but couscous is actually made from semolina, the coarse, purified wheat middlings of durum wheat, which is the same ingredient that goes into making pasta.

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The Mighty Glutinous Millet for Your Healthy Dumpling

Traditional rice dumplings are mainly made with glutinous rice for its sticky texture. Though it is a common staple in the Asian diet, it is not a diabetic-friendly grain and it is hard to be digested in the body. For folks who have digestive issues, some discomfort of bloating may even be experienced after eating the rice dumpling. Fret not, you can still make your rice dumplings this festive season without using glutinous rice! Instead, go for the tiny yet mighty whole grain --- organic glutinous millet.

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