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Couscous – So nice they named it twice

The word “couscous” is of Berber origin, which means “well formed, well rolled, rounded”. Many people would think couscous is a type of grain, but couscous is actually made from semolina, the coarse, purified wheat middlings of durum wheat, which is the same ingredient that goes into making pasta.

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The Mighty Glutinous Millet for Your Healthy Dumpling

Traditional rice dumplings are mainly made with glutinous rice for its sticky texture. Though it is a common staple in the Asian diet, it is not a diabetic-friendly grain and it is hard to be digested in the body. For folks who have digestive issues, some discomfort of bloating may even be experienced after eating the rice dumpling. Fret not, you can still make your rice dumplings this festive season without using glutinous rice! Instead, go for the tiny yet mighty whole grain --- organic glutinous millet.

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