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Simple Bircher Muesli

Simple Bircher Muesli The original recipe for raw muesli was developed by Swiss nutritionist Dr.Bircher-Benner in the 1900’s for his patients, as part of his healing therapy. He believed that a diet rich in raw and natural ingredients dramatically improved his patient’s health.Having healed himself of jaundice using raw fresh apples, he used this experience and observations of the simple diet of Swiss Alpine shepherds to recommend a move away from meat and white bread. His ideas gained momentum after the discovery of vitamins in fresh fruit and vegetables in the 1930’s.The key to bircher muesli is always the overnight soaking of oats & nuts to remove indigestible enzyme inhibitors and improve nutrient absorption. Soaking then rinsing the walnuts removes the tannins, reducing their astringent taste and leaving a softer, more buttery nut. Walnuts provide more fibre and essential fatty acids with endless health benefits.Organic yoghurts and kefir contain [...]

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Gut-healthy Pearl Barley and Green Lentil Salad 薏米和绿扁豆沙拉Yì mǐ hé lǜ biǎn dòu shālā

Gut-healthy Pearl Barley and Green Lentil Salad 薏米和绿扁豆沙拉Yì mǐ hé lǜ biǎn dòu shālā Barley is the fourth most grown grain in the world and has incredibly healthy properties including higher beta-glucan than oats! Beta-glucan is the soluble fibre which improves insulin response. It also forms a gel-like substance which lines the stomach and digestive tract feeding the good bacteria. In TCM, Dà mài mǐ (hordeum vulgare L.) supports the spleen, stomach, gall bladder & heart and clears liver heat. It boosts the immune system, improves digestion and cools the blood.High fibre, low calorie green lentils are packed with heart-healthy polyphenols, folate and excellent vegetable protein. Sprouting the lentils after soaking improves their nutritional profile. Together, barley & lentils are considered a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids. In TCM 绿扁豆 Lǜ biǎn dòu are considered neutral and sweet and are used to tonify qi, clear dampness [...]

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Malaysia Organic Food Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan Best Practices 2020

ZENXIN Organic Food was awarded Malaysia Organic Food Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan Best Practices 2020. It was ZENXIN’s 3rd recognition by Frost and Sullivan based on in-depth research conducted by Frost & Sullivan's analysts.

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Peruvian Quinoa Seafood Bowl

Peruvian Quinoa Seafood Bowl Peru is a country of incredible biodiversity with abundant seafood in the coastal region, invaluable superfoods from the high Andes and exquisite tropical fruit, herbs and roots from the Amazon Rainforest.With 3 of the world's best restaurants in Lima, Peru has become a focus for gastro-tourism. The Novo-Andean cuisine has been pioneered by enlightened chefs who emphasize creating dishes using seasonal, local ingredients and provide guidance on how eating impacts our health, market conditions and the environment.Peruvian cuisine begins with the Caral settlement over 5,000 years ago, based mostly on oily fish and shellfish, with evidence of corn, avocado, pumpkin, beans, chilli peppers and sweet potatoes. Immigrant waves of Spanish, Chinese, African, Italian and Japanese have added their own exquisite culinary notes. In this dish we have given a nod to ancient Peruvian civilization using seafood in combination with traditional vegetables, while Spanish influence is evident [...]

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Take Root: 10 Healthiest Root Vegetables

Root vegetables, though not all roots, are in fact bulbs that grow and thrive underground. These great nutrient stores are fascinating in their own ways and definitely worth exploring when rethinking or designing healthy menus for your loved ones. Each root vegetable has a distinct set of nutrients and health benefits. We list them ten most common ones here for your reading pleasure.

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5 Reasons to go Organic for Baby

What you choose for your baby is crucial in building his or her health and immunity. When it comes to selecting baby food, the options are varied and can prove to be overwhelming for the first time parent. One commonly asked question is: is spending on organic food for baby worthwhile? Our answer is, yes. Here’s why.

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