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Everyone loves Simply Natural Organic Handmade Noodles!

Sincere Food Trail: Down to Earth edition 2018

Have you always wondered about “WHAT IS ORGANIC?” and “WHERE DOES YOUR FOOD COME FROM?” ????? Join our “Sincere Food Trail – Down to Earth Edition 2018”! We will bring you to 4 beautiful organic farms in Cameron Highland and Ipoh. Let’s get down to the ground and discover more about the wonder of organic farming! Sign up together for a special discount! Date:  20 – 22 September 2018 (Depart from KL, Sri Petaling) 27 – 29 November 2018 (Depart from Melaka) Download the itinerary here: 2 – 4 December 2018 (Depart from KL, Sri Petaling)** with different itinerary for the family! Detailed itinerary: To sign up or register your interest:

Avocado Day

Did you know that it's World Avocado Day today?   Lets celebrate with our creamy, tasty Certified Organic Avocados🥑 Zenxin's Organic Avocados come from several farms from 3 different countries - Australia, United States (California) & Mexico. Be sure to check the label each time! #knowyourfoodsource Our avocados may vary among different farms and different countries - but we ensure to bring the best ones for you, depending on the season. (Hence the fluctuating prices)   We love making it into guacamole, served with tortilla chips or on a warm toast. So creamy, the texture is too good! What's your favourite way to enjoy avocados?   Fun facts about Avocados: 🥑 Rich in heart healthy monounsaturated fats (the GOOD kind of fats) 🥑 High in oleic acid, helps to improve memory🧠 & brain activity. 🥑 Contains lutein, an antioxidant that protect the eyes from age related eye diseases👀. 🥑 Possibly [...]

Fresh Spinach Day

Today we're celebrating Fresh Spinach Day! Did you know that spinach has many beneficial properties ranging from its benefits for eye health, oxidative stress reduction, cancer prevention and blood pressure lowering? 👀 High in carotenoids, which the body turns into Vitamin A - an important vitamin for eye health. 🌿 Rich in Vitamin K - a crucial vitamin for blood clotting 💪 Excellent source of iron - an essential mineral; iron helps to form haemoglobin, which helps transports oxygen in our body and many more! Zenxin has a wide range of spinach ranging from New Zealand spinach, English spinach, Chinese spinach (green), and Chinese spinach (red). Which is your favourite?   

Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Award 2018

 Thank you for driving us forward!  We are delighted to share that we were awarded the Customer Value Leadership Award at the recent Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Award on 26th June 2018. Accepting the award is our Executive Director, Mr Tai Seng Yee Thank you so much, Frost and Sullivan, on behalf of my team, my company, Zenxin Organic Food and the public of Malaysia, for supporting organic agriculture. Organic agriculture is also known as sustainable agriculture, which do not generate any pollution to our soil, our environment and to the people, and it preserve our land for the future generations to grow food. I take this (award) as a milestone of my company and also the country of Malaysia, which are definitely moving towards a more sustainable direction and a better future. Thank you so much Watch his live speech! Zenxin Organic Food was awarded [...]

Goji berries

Goji, Goji berry or wolf berry have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for millenniums. Native to Asia, these bright-orange-red fruits were consumed for greater health, vitality, longevity& energy. Goji berries are; ✅Packed with antioxidants, ✅Low in calories, ✅Contains good source of fiber ✅Beneficial for vision due to its high level of antioxidants called zeaxanthin. Simply Natural’s Organic Goji Berries are sourced directly from Inner Mongolia. Guaranteed free from chemical pesticides, they are grown in 660 hectares wide, certified organic farms by ECOCERT; a France organic certification body & Ceres from Germany. Managed by father & daughter, our goji berries producers stand strong on delivering high quality foods! Also grown without matrine, the final products are free from nicotine residues for safer consumption. Next time you snack, reach out for Organic Goji Berries instead! For tea lovers, brew a pot of Mulberry Leaves tea and throw in some goji. By [...]