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ZENXIN Organic Food was awarded Malaysia Organic Food Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan Best Practices 2019.

It was ZENXIN’s 2nd recognition by Frost and Sullivan. According to F&S, the recipients of the annual Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards were identified based on in-depth research conducted by Frost & Sullivan’s analysts.

The award categories offered each year are carefully reviewed and evaluated to reflect the current market landscape and include new emerging trends. The nominated companies were then evaluated on a variety of actual market performance indicators

  • Revenue growth
  • Market share and growth in market share
  • Leadership in product innovation
  • Marketing strategy and
  • Business development strategy
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“Demonstrating its prominence as a market leader in the organic food segment in Malaysia, ZENXIN managed to retain its leadership position by utilizing innovative technologies and adopting the highest standards in operations and services in the country. The company successfully caters to the diverse needs of its growing customer base and delivers certified organic products both online and offline, establishing its brand in the Malaysian organic food segment.”

Here’s what the analyst Nidhi Jalani said about ZENXIN Organic Food:

Accepting the award is our Executive Director, Mr Tai Seng Yee

【Here’s the recap of our Executive Director, Mr Tai Seng Yee’ s speech for the night: 】

“Thank you Frost and Sullivan for this award.

I think we are one of the rare one from the agriculture sector and standing together with all the giants here.

We are proud to receive this award for the second year in a row.

As a leading organic food company in the region with organic fertilizers factory, organic farms, distribution center and organic shops and a farm travel company under ZENXIN umbrella. we are proud to share with you that our whole operation directly supports more than 8 of the 17 UN sustainability development goals.

Once again, thank you Frost for supporting organic agriculture by giving this award to ZENXIN.”

Thanks for supporting Zenxin Organic Food and thanks to all our colleagues from Malaysia, Singapore and the new team in China, for making this happen again!