Best Organic Food Producer 2019 by LICTA

We are stoked to share that ZENXIN Organic Food was awarded Best Organic Food Producer 2019 by Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (LICTA)!

This is a great recognition of 18 years of hard work in organic farming and we want to share this honour with farm colleagues from our 5 farms and farmers from 32 contract farms. Organic Farmers Go!

Watch the video interview of ZENXIN Organic Food’s Executive Director, Mr Tai Seng Yee



Q: Could you share about ZENXIN’s green efforts and why you think ZENXIN won?

First of all, I’d say that we have set the right goal for our company. With a dedicated team, we are able to achieve and become who we are today.

And the reasons why we are committed in this organic business for 19 years, is because we can hardly find a business that can:

  •   Bring wholesome organic foods to our customers,
  •   Provide a safe working environment for our workers without pesticide usage, and
  •   Gives back to our investors

So, we are very fortunate to be here today.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Yes, definitely. We would like to express our gratitude to all 400 staff from different departments: from our fertilisers factory, organic farm, packing centre, noodle production factory, ZENXIN retail outlets, ZENXIN Organic Park and also ZENXIN Travel for their dedication. Without their support and efforts, we can’t be who we are today.

Q: Could you share a bit more about your future plans?

As our vision is to strive to be the leader in sustainable organic food and agriculture in Asia, we have expanded our business into the biggest market in Asia- China. We hope to operate soon in Guangxi Nanning, China this year to bring in more reliable, quality assured organic products from Malaysia into China.

A sincere Thank You to all our loyal customers who drive us to be better every day. Last but not least, we appreciate the hard work from our team members! Your passion and energy constitutes the driving force to realise this organic difference we can make to the world.

We look forward to better an organic 2020 with you!

ZENXIN, always with you, for you.