Fish Catching Games

The old-fashioned game of fish-catching can be played at the Park. It is a fun way to bond with children – furthermore, fish that is caught can be brought home!



Fish Feeding 喂鱼

For those who enjoy fish-feeding, fish food is offered at the Farm Mart. Within seconds, hundreds of Tilapia fish will swim towards you the minute you sprinkle the fish food into Zenxin’s fish pond.



Milk Bottle Fish Feeding 奶瓶喂鱼

Have you heard of this before? Most likely not! We have a brand new offering: Milk bottle fish feeding!! Watch as the fish crowd around and suckle at the bottle until all the fish feed is gone. It is a very interesting activity for people of all ages.

你有试过用奶瓶喂鱼吗?在诚兴,这就是我们最新的娱乐活动! 这项活动老少咸宜,非常好玩·。


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