Farm Tour 游览公园

Walk-in visitors can have a guided park tour at four special timings, at 9.30am, 11.30am, 2.30pm and 4.30pm everyday. A guided tour will take you approximately half an hour.

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Playing with Fish 与鱼同乐

We are now offering fish-catching game which you and your children can experience the old time little game, fishing by the drain and bring your fish home.

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Pet Feeding 動物餵食(兔子、鵪鶉、牛等)

Get up close with some cuddly animals.
Feed, play and be friends with them!

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Cycling In the Park 骑脚踏车游公园

Operation hours is from Monday to Friday 9am till 7pm, for Saturday and Sunday is from 8am to 7pm.

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Archery 射箭

How’s your skill as a marksman? Try your hand at shooting with a bow and arrow at our archery range and see if you can hit the target. Pit your skills against your friends in a game of precision shooting!

BBQ 烧烤会

There are standard amount of food, BBQ utensils, charcoal will be allocate according to the number of person.

Farm Mart 有机商店

The shop offers a wide variety of fresh Zenxin organically-grown produce, dry foods and other health foods at very reasonable prices.

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Flower Nursery 花圃

Flower nursery is a place where you can shop for flowers, cactus, pots, gardening tools, and organic fertilizer – Midori.

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Chef Garden Restaurant 公园餐厅

Enjoy the unique Zenxin Organic Steamboat, served with all kinds of freshly-harvested vegetables.

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