ZENXIN Organic Farms 诚兴有机农场

Zenxin produce more than 40 kinds of our crops by practicing organic farming method, without using any chemical fertilizer and pesticide, in order to provide a great variety of reliable organic vegetables and fruits.

Being the pioneer of organic farming in Malaysia and also one of the biggest scale organic farms, we are now growing our produces ranged from low land to high land species in our four organic farms located in Lojing Highlands (Kelantan), Simpang Rengam and Air Hitam (Johor). The vast expanses of our farm lands enable us to practice crop rotation and plot resting as our soil management strategies, thus ensure the quality of our produces while reducing destruction of agriculture activities to the natural environment. Our farms have been certified organic by The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) and Malaysian Organic Scheme (SOM, Skim Organik Malaysia), thus our farms follow strictly all the regulations designated by the certifier.
身为大马有机农业的先锋及其中一家规模最大的有机农场,诚兴属下的四家有机农场分别设在罗京高原(吉兰丹),新邦令金及阿依淡(柔佛),输出的农作物包括各种平原和高原蔬果。大规模的农场和广阔的农耕地允许我们在维持产量的同时实行轮耕及休耕法,以确保土地的永续使用和减少农业对环境的影响。自成立以来,诚兴不断地改进有机栽种技术,永续性地经营诚兴有机农场。我们的农场现已获得澳洲有机制度NASAA与大马有机认证(SOM,Skim Organik Malaysia),并严格遵守其生产管制。

Besides organic farming, Zenxin have transformed one of our farm, which located at Ayer Hitam, Johor, to become a recreation park (Zenxin Organic Park). This open farm enable visitors to witness themselves our farming process, while having fun and relax.

Organic Farming Method 有机耕作

Crop Rotation 轮耕栽种法

Crop rotation can keep the soil fertility by returning nutrient to the soil without relying on chemical fertilizer. Furthermore, crop rotation is one of our pest control strategy. Insects are essentially creatures of habit; if they find continuous food supply from the same place, they will show up on time for the feast. Hence, we apply thoughtful crop rotation to disrupt this cycle by adjusting crop planting schedules and locations.

Soil Management 永续性土壤管理

Creating healthy and fertile soil is important in organic farming, as it nourishes the crops, ensures they grow healthily as well as resists disease and insects’ attack. ZENXIN use self-produced quality compost and organic fertilizer – MIDORI (approved by Scheme Organic Malaysia) to recondition the soil. The compost and fertilizer contain a high number of beneficial microorganisms that breaks down organic matters and release nutrient into the soil. In the long run, this is more sustainable and environmental friendly.

Pest control 害虫抑制

In order to protect our crops from harmful insects without the use of pesticides and insecticides, our crops are grown in net-covered and rain-sheltered green house, which serves as an effective barrier against their harmful presence. In addition, light traps and yellow sticky traps are also the tools we use in controlling the pest. Besides, our environmental friendly farming methods have created a habitat for the growth of beneficial insects such as ladybugs and spiders which are the natural predators of pests. However, there is still a risk that the harmful insects may win the battle, resulting in loss of crops; these contribute to the higher cost of our organically-grown produce.