Zenxin Organic Fresh Produce

Zenxin’s fresh produce is grown according to organic farming methods – without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer. It strictly complies with the standards of Scheme Organic Malaysia, SOM (accredited by Department of Agriculture, Malaysia) and The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, NASAA.

Our farms are located at Air Hitam (Zenxin Organic Park, Johor, 100 Acres), Simpang Rengam (Johor15 Acres), Kluang (Johor, 50 Acres), Lojin Highland (Kelatan, 20 Acres) and Gua Musang (Kelantan, 100 Acres). You can find different kinds of organic fresh produce from our farms such as dragon fruit, passion fruit, banana, papaya, siew pak choy, choy sum, kang kong, kailan, long bean, French bean, cucumber, bitter gourd, pumpkin, lady finger, eggplant, and etc. Besides, we also import organic fresh produce like apple, avocado, kiwi and etc from certified organic farm from all over the world.