1) From South Australia with Love: The World’s Second Largest Producer of Almonds 

  • Simply Natural Almonds are sourced directly form the best almond orchard in South Australia. Our almonds are grown organically in small family owned farms with unyielding commitment to sustainable almond production. Our growers employ Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and the latest in sustainable farming techniques.

2) Grown in Unique Climate

  • South Australia and more specifically the Northern Adelaide Plains, Sunraysia and Riverland regions of Australia, is the world’s best spots for almond production. The naturally rich soil combined with the perfect Mediterranean climatic conditions of (warm summers and cool winters) makes South Australia the ideal place to grow nutritious heart-healthy almonds. Nowhere else in the world will you find a more suitable place to not only grow almonds but a rich diversity of crops that feed the world with delicious organic almonds.

3) Farm to You

  • Yunis, our supplier grows almond in their small family farm. Having the ability to control quality from the orchard all the way to the end consumer is a rare find in this industry and is one of the most important reasons for our suppliers’ success.

4) Impossible to Find One with Defects

  • It is almost impossible to find an almond with defect in one bottle of SN Organic Raw Almonds. With a beautiful uniform golden color, satisfying crunch with naturally sweet buttery flavor, these organic almonds are perfect for every dish, baked goods and desserts.

5) Nothing wasted

  • The ability to use the almond kernel in a range of value-added products means there is no waste of the nut seed and the same applies to the outer shell and hull of the almond. The hull is used as a nutritious, protein rich food for livestock or is composted to improve garden and farm soils. While the inner shell is used to generate electricity, mulch or livestock bedding.

6) Not Pasteurized

  • For safer consumption, Simply Natural Almonds are treated with propylene oxide to avoid the risk of salmonella. Making it safer to consume while retaining all the nutritional value of the almonds

7) Raw Organic Goodness

  • Almond only and no other products or genetically modified organisms are used in this production. Neither roasted nor soaked in hydrogenated or GMO oils, grown without synthetic chemical pest control products and chemical fertilizers, these almonds are healthy, tasty and safer to consume. Experience their goodness making your own Almond Milk with Simply Natural Australian Organic Raw Almonds.