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Organic Oats

Simply Natural’s Organic Oats are sourced directly from Finland and are certified organic by NASAA and USDA. Grown during summer in a pristine environment, our Finnish Oats have a pleasant fragrance due to abundance of sunlight and cool weather. The Nordic summer has 22 hours of sunlight per day with cool temperatures perfectly suited for growing oats.  Moreover, our Finnish oats are plumper and have a higher moisture content when harvested, giving a chewier texture to the resulting oat flakes.

The Series 

Organic Rolled Oats (Finland)

Organic Quick Rolled Oats (Finland)

Organic Muesli 

Made of these flavourful Finnish oats are our organic muesli series. Simply Natural’s Organic Muesli series are made of 70% Finnish Oats & 30% high quality dried fruits & nuts. Free from added sugar and preservatives, the combination of dried fruits and nuts, make our muesli mix tastes naturally sweet and give you the energy you need to kickstart the day.

The Series 

Organic Sunshine Detox Muesli (Finland)

Organic Happy Energy Muesli (Finland)

Organic AntiOx Chia Muesli (Finland)

Organic Belly Friendly Muesli (Finland)


Organic Oat Bran (Finland)

Organic Steel Cut Oats

Organic Oat Groats

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