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Simply Natural Handmade Noodles

The Journey of Organic Noodle Making Begins

The Loke’s family has been the artisan of noodle-making for 50 years. They are strict in selecting raw material, meticulous in performing the rituals of “jumping” with a wooden block to pound the dough for chewy texture. A bowl of Loke’s noodle can lure out the nostalgic fond memories of a small town.

Mi Mi Loke is the third generation of Loke family, and started as a food technology internship student at Zenxin Organic Park. It was her passion at work as well as her strong wish to inherit the craftsmanship of noodle-making from her family that moved everyone in the company.

Combining her knowledge in modern food technology and long history of noodle-making skills, Mi Mi is currently Zenxin’s noodle production manager, and has crafted more than 30 varieties of noodles using premium Australian organic flour and organic fresh produce by Zenxin.

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