Organic Flour & Starches

Organic Flour

Simply Natural brings you a series of organic flour that are certified organic to complement your baking essentials. Each flour is milled from organically grown grains and pulses, free from harmful chemical fertilizers and certainly guaranteed free from chemical solvent.

The Series 

Organic Buckwheat Flour

Organic Cassava Flour

Organic Corn Flour

Organic Dessicated Coconut

Organic High Fiber Coconut Flour

Organic Garbanzo Flour

Organic Oat Flour (Finland)

Organic High Protein Unbleached Plain Flour

Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Plain Flour

Organic Unbleached Plain Flour

Organic Unbleached Self Raising Flour

Organic Starches

Simply Natural’s Organic Starches are derived from high quality organic grains and extracted mainly by mechanical method. Functions as an important thickening agent and stabilizer, these starches can be used in soups, gravies, pie fillings, pudding and many more.

The Series 

Organic Corn Starch

Organic Potato Starch

Organic Sago Powder

Organic Wheat Starch

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