About Simply Natural Series

Simply Natural is an initiative by Zenxin Organic Food in 2009. In line with our Zenxin’s mission of making our earth and human being greener and healthier, our Simply Natural products offer a healthier option without artificial additives and preservatives. It allows our customers easy access to a wider range of organic and health foods with reasonable prices. Zenxin has its own NASAA certified organic facilities with dedicated cold room for organic food repacking.

Our Simply Natural products of 300+ include categories such as Asian noodles, beverages, condiments, dried mushroom & seaweeds, flour, grains, nuts, ready-to-eat snacks, supplements and oils. The variety is ample enough to replace your whole kitchen cupboard with organic products.

Our Product Series

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Organic Tea

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Herbs & Spices

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Lakadong Turmeric


Baby Noodles

Australian Raw Almonds

Qingyuan Mushrooms

Sun-Dried Goji Berry



Coconut Nectar Sugar