Midori – Our Home Made Organic Fertilizer

Zenxin Organic Farms are using self-made organic fertilizers and compost, which are produced by the first Certified Organic Input Manufacturer in Malaysia, Zenxin Organic Fertilizers & Compost Factory (Certified by NASAA, Australia)

The main raw materials used in organic fertilizer and compost production are chicken manure, agriculture waste such as plant branches and leaves, discarded vegetables and coffee waste. These raw materials could be converted to organic fertilizer and compost through fermentation process by beneficial microorganisms. We use IMO (Indigenous Microorganisms) for this purpose. Organic fertilizer and compost play a very important role in supplying nutrients to plants, soil conditioning and soil ecosystem enhancing. Only with these three elements in place a plant could grow healthily in the soil.

You may find Zenxin Organic Fertilizers in Zenxin Organic Shops and Zenxin Organic Park. Get one to grow your plants organically today! (Wholesalers & Retailers are welcomed)


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