>Organic Farming is Kinder to Our Planet
Organic Farming is Kinder to Our Planet2019-11-26T16:07:55+08:00

Organic Farming is Kinder To Our Planet

At Zenxin, we believe that our organic actions speak louder than claiming green and socially responsible. We have always ethically strived to achieve towards our sustainability goals while following the 4 principles of organic agriculture (Principle of Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care) as outlined by International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements:

  • We farm and support organic farming which promotes micro nutrient-dense soil used for decades to grow crops.

  • We protect water quality by not contributing chemical residues such as fossil fuels, harmful pesticides and toxic fertilizers to our waterways.

  • We encourage biodiversity, protect animal health and welfare in the farm by reserving at least 10% of our farm land without any activity for the wildlife to live.

  • No synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used in our organic farm which less pollute the environment and guarantee safer produce to the consumers.

  • Organic farming helps to slow down climate change by capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and incorporating it into the soil, keeping it from contributing to the greenhouse effect.

  • We have successfully converted more than 330 acres of land into organic farmlands in Malaysia since 2001.