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Baby Thin Noodles

Certified Organic Baby Thin Noodles

Simply Natural’s Organic Handmade Baby Thin Noodles are carefully made using only high quality certified organic flour from Australia and organically grown fresh vegetables. Guaranteed free from artificial coloring & flavoring, the bright colors of the noodles are due to 20% of organic vegetables puree that we use in the making of these noodles. The brighter the color, the higher is the nutritional value, a type of noodle retains! Also, being free from harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides & additives, these thin noodles are the perfect choice for your little ones.
Product Highlight :

  • Made of high quality Certified Organic Unbleached Flour from Australia
  • Contains 20% of Organic Fresh Vegetables Puree
  • Free from additives, artificial colouring & flavouring
  • No added sugar, salt or MSG
  • Ingredients used are grown strictly under organic agricultural standards.
  • Free from harmful chemical fertilizers & pesticides
  • Diameter of 1mm to facilitate swallowing (suitable for baby of 11+ months)
  • Produced in NASAA (Australia) & MESTI (Malaysia) certified facility

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The Series

Organic Baby Thin Noodle

(Beetroot Flavour) 

  • Rich in essential vitamins & minerals. Diets rich in nutrients help decrease the risk of developing illnesses in such as beri- beri, rickets & night blindness.
  • Promotes healthy digestion

Organic Handmade Baby Thin Noodle

(Sweet Potato Flavour)

  • Packed with vitamin A that is needed for the healthy development of the eyes while it also has a lot of beta-carotene, a compound that synthesizes into Vitamin A in the body
  • Contains multivitamins (C, E, K, and vitamin B1 to B6 and B9) for healthy development of babies organ

Organic Handmade Baby Thin Noodle

(Green Vege Flavour)

  • Dark green leafy vegetables are packed with antioxidants, minerals
    necessary for maintaining muscle health & protects the eyes.
  •  A natural source of fiber to aid digestion & improves metabolism in

Organic Handmade Baby Thin Noodle

(Carrot Flavour)

  • Good for baby’s eyesight development and can help strengthen the immune system against illness as it contains excellent source of beta-carotene especially vitamin A.

Organic Handmade Baby Thin Noodle

(Pumpkin Flavour)

  • Good source of Vitamin A & Lutein, helps to develop healthier vision
  • Contains Calcium and Magnesium that help in building stronger bones

Organic Handmade Baby Thin Noodle

(Spinach Flavour)

  • Good source of vitamins A and K and provides folate, vitamin C, iron, calcium, zinc, fiber and magnesium; vital nutrients for babies healthy growth & development.
  • Iron is vital for proper brain, neurological and red blood cell development.