White/ Brown color foods such as mushrooms are great foods best for vegans, mushrooms also possess anti-cancer and immune enhancing functions attributed to its polysaccharides content. (Read more about benefits of mushrooms). While another white color superfood- Garlic is rich in allicin which has remarkable potential in protection against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 

白色/褐色食物(如蘑菇)是最适合素食者的食物,蘑菇里的多糖体也具有抗癌和增强免疫力的功能。 (点击这里阅读更多关于蘑菇的功效)而另一种白色的超级食品-大蒜富含的大蒜素在预防心血管疾病和癌症方面具有显着的功效。