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Organic Power of 5

Secret of Health-Organic Power of 5

5’ is a powerful number when it comes to food and diet.

A healthy balanced diet typically comprises 5 food groups: 1-Vegetables & Fruits; 2-Grains & Legumes/ Pulses; 3-Lean meats, Poultry or alternatives; 4-Dairy products and/or alternatives; and 5-Healthy Fats.

And there are 5 Basic Tastes in food: 1-Sour, 2-Sweet, 3-Bitter, 4-Salty and 5-Umami.

But food is not just fuel for the body. Hippocrates, Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, also considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine, famously said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Each food has specific functional benefit that heals and nourishes the body. 

This does not mean one has to study in detail the nutrient content of food to get the most benefit. In fact, one of the easiest ways is to include food from different colour groups in your daily diet.

So from today, consciously take food from 5 color groups every day- 1-Red; 2-Yellow/ Orange; 3-Green; 4-Black/ Purple, and 5-White/Brown. The naturally vibrant colors denote distinctive type of antioxidant that gives specific health benefits.

‘5’这个数字跟食物及饮食息息相关。 健康均衡的饮食通常需包含5种食物:1-蔬果; 2谷物和豆类; 3-瘦肉,家禽或其它蛋白质食品; 4-乳制品和/或其替代品;和5-健康的脂肪。而食物的味道也被分为五种:1-酸,2-甜,3-苦,4-咸和5-鲜味。

食物不仅是人体的能量来源。希波克拉底,也是“ 伯里克利时代”的希腊医师,同时被认为是医学史上最杰出人物之一说过:“让食物成为您的药,让药物成为您的食物。” 而每种食物都有特定的功能及功效,可治愈和滋养我们的身体。


因此,从今日起,每天摄取五个不同颜色的食物-1-红色; 2-黄色/橙色; 3-绿色; 4-黑色/紫色和5-白色/褐色。食物本身的鲜艳色彩代表着能为您带来不同身体益处的抗氧化剂。

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