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Chinese New Year Promotion

Promotion period: 20/12/19- 26/02/20

Everlasting Relationship              ‘长长久久’

  • Contains 20% organic fresh vegetables
  • Made using premium Organic Unbleached Flour from Australia
  • Free from preservatives, artificial colourings & flavourings
  • Follow 50-years noodle making technique
  • Get some noodles for coming CNY!

Overcoming Bitterness ‘苦尽甘来’

Sweetness in Life      ‘甜甜蜜蜜’

  • Organically grown in Linze County- The Hometown of Fruits
  • Surrounded by desert, unique climate conditions result in thicker & juicier red date meat
  • Has a natural delicate sweet taste without added sugar
  • Brew some hot red date tea or dessert soup for CNY!

Healthy & Longevity ‘延年益寿’

Wealth & Prosperity  ‘金玉满堂’

  • Made using high quality dried fruits, nuts and seeds
  • Dehydrated at a temperature of 60 degrees
  • Made in NASAA, MESTI and Halal certified facility
  • Perfect snacks for guests!

Flavourful Life        ‘甘醇一生’

  • Made from Organic Soybeans
  • Naturally fermented for 12 months in giant wooden casks
  • Follow 140 years-old tradition in brewing soy sauce
  • From Suzhou City, China
  • Flavour upgrades for dishes!

Wealth and Gold         ‘黄金满地’

  • No added sugar & MSG
  • Rich in vitamin B, perfect for vegans/vegetarians
  • From Canada
  • Has wonderful nutty & umami flavour
  • Healthier alternative for MSG

Full of Energy        ‘能量满满’