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Why Healthier You?

We believe that good food can be the medicine for your better health. Food FARMacy is our new approach towards promoting the nutritious benefits of our valuable foods to help target consumers maintain & improve their health concerns. As an effort to produce a wholesome healthier food, we begin by nurturing soil organically with care. We make sure our foods are grown organically in nourished medium that can grow healthier organic foods to feed people to be healthier. We still hold firmly on Organic Farming that can guarantee preserve a safer environment by providing a clean & healthier planet for our future generations to live in.

Healthier Soil


Soil is a living organism and is the fundamental basis for food production as 95% of our foods are come directly or indirectly from soil. It is vital to preserve its fertility in order to produce enough food supply for the consumption of future generation. Organic Farming practices not only protects the soil from chemical nasties for better yields but it’s also supports Sustainable Development Goals by contributing 8 of the 17 SDG.

SEKEM EGYPT – Our Sustainable Partner in Mission of Giving the Poorest A Chance

Sourced directly from SEKEM is the Simply Natural’s Organic Chamomile Tea. Grown proudly in Egypt, the white flowering chamomile fields are a trademark of SEKEM. SEKEM in Egypt had succeed turning desert land into vital soil. Vitality in soil is crucial to grow nutritious foods and is created using 3 techniques; COMPOST as organic fertilizer, CROP ROTATION to prevent depletion of soil and the application of biodynamic by using non-GMO seeds and NATURAL PEST CONTROL method.

Behind every sip of tasty bright golden tea lies a great effort of SEKEM to alleviate child labor problem in Egypt. Community school was designed to provide educational opportunity and vocational training coupled with an ability to gain income through minimal work of chamomile harvest under the “Chamomile Children” project

Healthier Soil contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 

Goal 2 :Zero Hunger

Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation

Goal 13: Climate Action

Goal 14: Life below water

Goal 15: Life on Land

Healthier Foods

HEALTHY FOODS can only come from Healthy Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Farming method supports SDGs by encouraging healthier food production and safe consumption for future generations. Organic Products are recognized and trusted by consumers all around the world for protecting their good health and well-being. Click to find out why need to choose organic foods?

Healthier Foods contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being

Goal 12 : Responsible Consumption and Production

Healthier People 

Organic Farming produces healthy sustainable food that feeds and nourishes Healthier People 

By practising organic farming without usage of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, it also ensures the safety and well-being of farmers and co-workers. We couldn’t agree more with the quote by Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine: ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. No doubt that eating wholesome food is the basis of good health and well-being, we would like to take one step further, to advocate the concept of ‘Food FARM-acy’.

Therapeutic Package 

And very often we hear people with certain health condition in the dilemma: which food to go for. We hear their concern and our newly-launched therapeutic package are tailored-made for them, each comprising a range of food products meticulously selected by our food expert team for the best synergistic effects. Grab your desire therapeutic package at your nearest zenxin outlet today. 

Anti- Aging 

Nothing beats this anti-aging gift set, featuring products with known anti-aging functions, that helps nourishing body from inside out and delaying signs of aging.

Joint Pain 

Featuring our Lakadong Turmeric series and other products best known for their anti-inflammatory property, this would be the best gift for arthritis sufferers.

Sugar – Friendly 

This sugar-friendly gift is the perfect solution for those having high blood sugar bothered by which food to choose without inducing blood sugar spike.

Good Sleep & Relaxation

Those with sleep problems would definitely appreciate this: Not only that it helps improving sleep quality, it comprises of mind-calming food products that beat the stress away.

Healthier People contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being

Goal 8: Decent Work And Economic Growth

Goal 12 : Responsible Consumption and Production

Healthier Planet

A Healthier Planet comprises of fresh air, clean water, fertile land, and biodiversity that keep us alive and healthy.

Organic farming not only minimizes negative environmental impacts, it’s also capable to produce positive impacts to our planet like protecting the water system, fighting the climate change and conserving biodiversity.

Zenxin’s Green Packaging

Zenxin is pleased to announce another of our plastic reduction efforts- Launching of Green Packaging, which for our fresh produce, which is more sustainable, but rest assured that we do not compromise the freshness & quality of the fresh produce. Click here to view our Green Efforts .

Healthier Planet contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 6: Clean Water And Sanitation

Goal 13: Climate Action

Goal 14 : Life Below Water

Goal 15 : Life On Land