Healthier diet starts from young!

Parents always want the best for the children. That’s why in Zenxin we believe healthy diet should be adopted as young as possible by introducing them about food in a more fun and engaging ways.

Zenxin Nutrition team has designed several programs that are suitable for young food explorer and has launched these programs for free during our roadshows in supermarkets and eco-events!

While young food explorers lay their little hands on safe organic ingredients, they learn about the benefits of different food and make themselves some healthy snacks to enjoy! And hopefully they can say goodbye to high sodium, sugared, chemically processed food and drinks real soon!

Visit Zenxin Organic Food Malaysia Facebook page to find out more about the latest Healthier Kids Workshop happening around you!

For those who cant join us in our roadshows, you can DIY a mini workshop at home with your lil’ ones!

Try it out with our Organic Chamomile Popsicle recipe! Prepare with our Simply Natural Organic Chamomile Tea, Raw honey, and few slices of lemon, kids can enjoy it in more enjoying and fun way!

Chamomile tea is best known of its benefits of calming and soothing. It is good to promote sleep, relieve stress and anxiety, relieve common cold etc. Definitely a better beverage options as everyone aged from 2 to 80 to enjoy!

You can check out our DIY Organic Granola Recipe here!