When it comes to kids’ diet, parents are extremely careful as all parents want to provide the best for these little stomachs so our kids grow up strong and healthily.

That’s why Zenxin makes sure its fridge always stuffed with a good variety of colourful fresh organic produce, so that parents can easily prepare a plate of tantalizing “food rainbow” for their kids everyday.


  • Contain the families of antioxidants – lycopene, quercetin, anthocyanins and resveratrol
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • For healthier heart and blood 

Orange & Yellow

  • Rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin A and Vitamin C
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Natural immune booster


  • High in chlorophyll, fiber
  • Natural aid for constipation
  • Excellent sources of different vitamins and minerals
  • The eye vitamin – Lutein is especially rich in green leafy vegetables

Blue & Purple

  • Anthocyanin that contributes to the blue and purple-hue, helps to relieve oxidative stress
  • Rich in the phytonutrient, 
  • Good for urinary tract health
  • Maintains memory function


  • Contain allicin and quercetin
  • Act as prebiotic to promote healthy digestive system
  • Cruciferous family contain sulphur compound that helps fighting cancer,
    strengthens bone, and maintains healthy blood vessels.

What if your kid is Extra-PICKY?

  • Try our new RECIPES

    If your kids are picky and always complain about the combination in the plates, maybe it’s time to find some inspirations elsewhere! Zencin Nutrition team has been trying new quick recipes with their new quality products. Subscribe to our facebook and instagram to get your recipes feed in everyweek!

  • Bring them into the KITCHEN

    Involve your kids when preparing meals, they would be more interested in eating what they have prepared and be more appreciative after the hard works! After all, who doesn’t like to play masak-masak? As long as you have the kids-friendly utensils ready, give it a try! Limit the cooking space so the mess is minimal.

    Our Nutrition team will have a series of parent/kid workshop along with the roadshows in coming September and October! Simply locate us and enjoy the cooking fun with your kids!

  • Make them eat with IMAGINATION

    Shop with kids and tell them stories about food! Check out products from food producers that spend extra effort in improving their product labels with product origin stories. Integrating stories into the plate of meals you have prepared and fulfill your kids imagination!


by a Proud Parent