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Organic Handmade Noodles

Bringing you the latest premium look of our noodles to you! We have given our noodles a brand-new look with a detailed highlights and information on the label, as an effort to make sure our customers are well informed about the noodles. Simply Natural Organic Handmade Noodles are made from high quality unbleached plain flour and 20% of organic fresh vege puree. Simply a quick way to get a nutritional boost from fresh vege puree in just 5 mins. Absolutely free from artificial colourings & flavourings these noodle range are made with 50 years-old noodle making technique together with a careful scientific study.

Organic Lakadong Turmeric Series

Sourced from the land of spice India, our lakadong turmeric series are the finest turmeric variety that grown under organic agricultural method in Darjeeling. Absolutely free from artificial coloring, our lakadong turmeric contains the highest curcumin level (6-7%) compare to other turmeric variety in market, which gives our turmeric its robust aroma, beautiful bright color & renowned healing property. Not only as a staple spice in Indian cuisine, this golden spice is being used for centuries for treating infections and to fight diseases.

Organic Herbs & Spices

Simply Natural Herbs & Spices are sourced directly Morarka Foundation Rajasthan, India, who are well known for their organic farming method of seed spices for very long. Morarka have created very large production base for many seed spices. These spices have also traditionally enjoyed both in domestic as well as international markets. Proud to work with them, Simply Natural Herb & Spices are produced from 100% organic ingredients and are absolutely free from artificial additives or preservatives. Besides giving an aromatic & deep flavour and spicing up your favourite dishes, they are highly beneficial and contains adequate amount of antioxidants which helps to fight infection and possess anti-inflammatory property.

Organic Bitter Gourd Tea Series

Bitter Gourd fruit and its leaves are well known for its ability to maintain healthy blood sugar level. The charantin & insulin-like peptides in bitter gourd plays important role in normalizing blood sugar level by regulating glucose metabolism in the body. Its functional property of maintaining healthy blood sugar level gets even more stronger with the combination of mulberry leaf which contains 1-DNJ, an active compound with antidiabetic property. Moreover, bitter gourd works synergistically with lakadong turmeric (higher curcumin content) to reduce pain sensation in individuals with joint ailments and also maintain normal blood sugar.  Certified organic by NASAA, these delicious Bitter Gourd Tea Series are grown & processed carefully in Zenxin Organic Park Kluang under NASAA & MESTI facility to produce finest high-quality teas.

Organic Darjeeling Tea

Popularly known as the ‘Champagne of Teas’, Simply Natural Happy Valley Darjeeling Tea are grown biodynamically in Happy Valley Tea Estate situated 2000m above sea level in a district called Darjeeling of West Bengal, India. The cool and moist climate, soil, rainfall and the slopping terrains all combine gives this black tea its unique musky-sweet tasting. The tea is made up from finest organic tea leaves that are bloom seasonally and are carefully hand-picked during spring for its floral, sweet and enduring finish. It gives a gold light coloured brew that can be sipped and enjoyed as breakfast & afternoon tea.