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Fighting Food Waste

We hate food waste here in Zenxin! There are times when our veggies & fruits don’t fit for supermarket standards for few reasons; as they look UGLY, although they are totally edible! We have always given extra attention to those fresh produce we call “Organic Uglies” and constantly apply new efforts in tackling these moment & to reduce food wastes in general:

  • Staff Canteen: Lots of our “Organic Uglies” fruits & vegetables are used in Zenxin Kitchen to make Organic Lunch for our staffs and co-workers in Zenxin.

  • Charity Donations: Every week, local charities collect our grade-out veggies for use in soup kitchen.

  • Midori Fertilizers: Zenxin Organic Farms are using self-made fertilizers and compost, made from discarded raw materials, including our “Organic Uglies”. Not only that it supplies nutrients to plants, it also reduces food waste. (Learn more about our Midori Fertilisers)

Our ‘Organic Uglies’ may look imperfect, but they can be equally tasty!