We are Certified Organic!



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We are happy to share with you that our whole operations are certified organic by NASAA (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australia). From organic compost making, to farm growing organic produce, to organic wholesale centers, our operations are fully certified organic now. Our organic compost facilities are certified as organic input manufacturer, which ensures our organic compost and fertilizers making process are approved to be used on any organic farm. More importantly, all our farms in Johor and Lojing Highland are certified organic which has been through 3 years of certification process and obtain the full certified organic status.

Besides, we ensure that the handling process of the harvested organic produce are certified organic, we have all our packing facilities certified organic and make sure that the process of handling certified organic produce are able to meet stringent organic standards (certified organic by NASAA, accredited by IFOAM), which enables our produce to distribute worldwide and recognized by other organic certification bodies.

Once again, we would like to share our joy with everybody. Thanks for your support and we will continue to do better to ensure the best quality of organic vegetables and organic fruits to you. You can find our organic vegetables in our organic shops or in the organic section of supermarkets in Malaysia and Singapore. We welcome you to contact us at Zenxin Organic Malaysia – 07-7728299 or Zenxin Organic Singapore at +65-67797839 for more information.

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