We, ZENXIN nutritionist and dietitian team present to you our newly launched “ZENXIN E-Nutrition Coaching”, where we emphasize on anti-inflammatory dietary patterns to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and create a healthy lifestyle. 

Nowadays our life and living environment are filled with environmental toxins. 

And one of the factors that will affect us in daily basis is our diet that consists of pro-inflammatory elements, for example: 





Do you experience the following?


Feeling exhausted?



Bloated stomach?



Having constipation? 



Difficulty in losing weight?



Children not growing tall as their peers or having allergy reactions?


What can you get from our service?



1-to-1 online nutrition consultation through ZOOM platform 



Personalized menu plan that suits your conditions 



Regular follow-up sessions to track your progress.



Nutrition-related topic sharing and tips 



And more!


Let us be with you on this transformative journey!

We will guide you through with concepts on health and nutrition,

and present personalised anti-inflammatory meal plans to welcome a healthier you.



About Us 关于我们

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Joey lim

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

In Dietetics with Nutrition (IMU)


饮食治疗与营养学系(IMU 国际医药大学)


Experience: Practiced in various healthcare settings, such as hospital, clinic and long term care centre. Passionate in human nutrition and its power in healing people.


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Basic Health Coaching Plan

Suitable for people who wish to be empowered to start their journey towards optimal health.


  • 1 session of 1-to-1 online nutrition consultation via ZOOM
  • Basic nutritional assessment and health tips
  • General anti-inflammatory meal plan
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Wellness Coaching Plan

Suitable for healthy people who want to build-up body, weight management, vegan, gluten-free diet, pregnancy, children, elderly nutrition and more for disease prevention. 


  • 4 sessions of 1-to-1 online nutrition consultation via ZOOM
  • Inflammatory risk assessment, dietary assessment 
  • Personalized anti-inflammatory meal plan 
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Disease-Related Management Plan

Targets disease conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, obesity, liver diseases, cancer, and more.


  • 1 month program (duration may vary between individuals)
  • 1-to-1 online nutrition consultation 
  • Weekly follow-up sessions for close monitoring 
  • Sessions conducted by qualified dietitian on ZOOM platform
  • Inflammatory risk assessment, dietary assessment
  • Personalized anti-inflammatory meal plan
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Introductory Price: RM200 (Worth RM300)


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28 days anti inflammatory diet a

28 Days
Anti-Inflammatory Diet Challenge

Coming back soon!

We believe that practicing Anti-Inflammatory diet and lifestyle would help in reducing the risk of chronic inflammation in the body, as chronic inflammation is related to a variety of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more. 


  • 1-to-1 online ZOOM nutrition consultation and weekly follow-up 
  • Sessions conducted by qualified nutritionist and/or dietitian
  • Nutritional assessment 
  • Personalised anti-inflammatory meal plan 
  • 1 month supply of anti-inflammation organic products 
    • Simply Natural Organic Sea Buckthorn Elixir
    • Weekly subscription organic box


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What do people say about our service? 参与者怎么说

I achieved my weight loss target after 1 month under the dietitian’s guidance!

我在食疗师的指导下,在一个月内达到设定的体重目标!—— Ms T

I successfully lost 3kg without starving myself! I feel relaxed and energetic! My skin becomes radiant!

我在不饿肚子的情况成功瘦下3公斤! 我感到放松和精力充沛!我的肌肤也变得光亮了!—— Angeline

The menu plan and the guidelines are easy to follow! I manage to plan my schedule and I feel healthier!

饮食餐单和营养师给予的建议很容易把握! 我可以很好的去规划我的生活作息和运动,我感觉更健康了!—— Ms Chong

Within a month of consuming sea buckthorn elixir, together with advice from our in house nutritionist, I felt that my waist circumference has reduced and my pants are loose

在饮用沙棘果汁加上配合遵循营养师的建议下,我在一个月内发觉我的腰瘦下来了,我的裤子也松了 —— C.Y

My skin became brighter, even smaller pores and less oily. The sea buckthorn elixir helps me in improving my constipation condition, which is the biggest award for me! 

我的皮肤变得更光亮、毛孔缩小、也没那么油了。沙棘果汁帮助我改善了便秘的问题,对我来说这是一个最大的奖励!——  H.W

After taking the third bottle of sea buckthorn elixir, with the guidance from the nutritionist, I found that my sleep quality and skin allergy on my face had improved, my skin became brighter, and my bowel movement became smoother! 

饮用了第三瓶的沙棘果汁,加上配合营养师的指导后,我发觉我的睡眠品质和脸部皮肤的敏感得到了改善,我的皮肤变得光亮了,排便也变得更顺畅了!—— G.L

Since I started consuming sea buckthorn elixir under guidance of the nutritionist for a week, my waist circumference has reduced 5 cm and I’ve lost 1.3kg of my body weight! I feel so happy because now I get to wear the pants that I couldn’t wear before! 

自从我开始饮用沙棘果汁,加上配合营养师的指导,我的腰围瘦下了 5厘米和体重也下降了1.3公斤!我感到很高兴,因为我可以穿上以前穿不下的裤子了! – Ong

ZENXIN E-Nutri Classroom 诚食ZOOM营养课之《营养晚点名》

All you need is a phone and 1 hour. You will get to know all you need about nutrition for good health.


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I want to join the Nutrition Online Classroom!

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ZENXIN Chat with Nutritionists 诚食脸书直播 “诚食疗一疗”

This brand new Facebook LIVE Series, proudly presented by the ZENXIN Nutri Team focuses on health and nutrition.

Experts will join us on each episode as we discover the healing factor in brillant organic food.

Join us on this meaningful healthful journey, learn and win attractive ZENXIN organic produce.

See you online on the first and third Monday of the month!






ZENXIN FB GROUP - Eat Clean with ZENXIN 诚食FB 群组- 有机轻食乐

Missed out our past contents?

Here we have an exclusive Facebook group that has nutritional informative contents and interactive activities that sure will benefit you and your family ! 



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Poll interactive 投票互动

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Eat Clean with ZENXIN

YouTube video 影音专栏

I Want To Check My Inflammation Risk Score! 我要检测我的发炎风险!

Modern living delivers its fair share of stresses on the body brought about

by pro-inflammatory elements and environmental toxins, leaving us at risk of developing chronic diseases.

Wish to know your inflammation risk score?

Scan the QR code to do a free inflammation risk score test! 




Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get results?

We all know changes don’t happen overnight, but taking one step after the other in the right direction can achieve results.
Change happens when you are willing to put your health first and make the effort to follow the guidelines our dietician & nutritionists recommend. Our aim is to empower you to start and to support your journey. Each individual case is different, but you may already see changes in a few weeks or months. A lifestyle change towards good dietary habits is a long-term commitment.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please click on the “add to cart” above or Whatsapp us at +6011 5977 5915 / Facebook message us for more information.