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Longevity 8 Treasure Grains

  • Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans

  • Organic Mung Beans

  • Organic Pearl Barley

  • Organic Hulled Buckwheat

  • Organic Red Split Lentils

  • Natural Black Rice

  • Natural Brown Rice

  • Natural Red Rice

Symbolizes Longevity

8 treasure grains, 8 treasure mixed congee or 8 treasure porridge have been a popular Chinese cuisine that served during auspicious festival. Made up of different kind of rice, legumes and beans, Simply Natural 8 Treasure Grains is a nutritious and delicious mixture that adds more flavour and taste to your CNY feasts this year. It’s believed that eating congee during festive seasons brings good fortune, peace and longevity.

How to cook?

Simply Natural Longevity 8 treasure grains are a healthier & nutritious mixture that can be used to make delicious mixed congee. It is recommended to rinse and soak it overnight before cooking. In a pot, bring 1 cup of 8 treasure grains and 3 cups of water to boil. Let it simmer for two hours until all the ingredients are soft to taste. Serve hot, optionally with a sweetening like brown sugar or honey.

Where to Buy

Longevity 8 Treasure Grains 

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