CNY Recipe: Prosperity Pumpkin Pot 聚寶黃金缽

Prosperity Pumpkin Pot symbolizes a fruitful and harmonious year of prosperity. With the perfect combination of naturally sweet and creamy pumpkin with a mixture of colourful and nutrient-rich organic vegetables, this delicay is easy to prepare and is great for the festive mood of Chinese New Year.



1 mid-size (about 1.2-1.5kg) Organic Pumpkin

100g Oyster mushroom

4 pcs Organic Shitake Mushroom

150g Organic Celery

150g Organic Baby Corn

200g Organic Broccoli

1 Organic Red Capsicum and 1 Organic Yellow Capsicum

1 Organic Carrot

50g Organic Fresh Black Fungus

50g Simply Natural Pine nuts

Seasoning: (Adjust according to own preference)

3 tbsp Simply Natural Organic Black Bean Sauce (Thick)

Simply Natural Seasoning G Powder

Simply Natural Atlantic Sea Salt


  1. Vertically cut the upper ¼ top of pumpkin to be bowl shape. Remove the seeds and core. Steam till it is fully cooked and the flesh is soft.
  2. Cut oyster mushroom, baby corn, red and yellow capsicum, carrot, celery, broccoli and black fungus into similar sized dices.
  3. Stir-fry all the dices above except capsicum in medium heat, stir in the thick black bean sauce when the skillet is very hot. Stir in capsicums, season with adequate amount of sea salt and G powder to taste. Add in a little of water if it is too dry.
  4. Pour in all the cooked ingredients to the pumpkin “pot”. Garnish with some pine nuts on top and ready to serve. The vegetable gravy will be absorbed into the soft and creamy pumpkin makes it a beautiful and flavourful Chinese New Year dish!




香菇 4朵(泡水浸软备用)



西兰花 200g





Simply Natural有机黑大豆油膏3汤匙

Simply Natural素G粉,Simply Naturaldax海盐适量


  1. 南瓜洗净在蒂部横切一刀,去籽与芯,做成碗状,大火蒸全熟变软备用。
  2. 把鲍鱼菇、小玉蜀黍、红黄甜椒、红萝卜、西芹、西兰花、鲜黑木耳洗净,切成大小相若的块状。
  3. 用中火将所有材料除了红黄甜椒炒熟,加入黑大豆油膏,这时放青红椒片下锅,翻炒、加入些许素G粉与少量海盐调味。
  4. 将炒好的材料倒入南瓜盅当中,撒上松子,即可上桌。香味四溢的汤汁渗入到南瓜当中,软甜的南瓜吃起来充满菜香!