Earth Day 2015

Join Us on 25 & 26 April 2015!

Join Us on 25 & 26 April 2015!


Earth Day is finally here! Every year, people around the world are celebrating the Earth Day on 22 April. Earth Day marks the important milestone of the environmental movement in 1970, which aims to raise the awareness and conservation of environment. However, Earth Day is actually not just one day celebration to promote a sustainable environment. Earth Day is hold in order to create awareness among public to play their roles in their everyday life, with the simple practices to make our environment clean and green.

Taking care of the environment is crucial to inherit a better world for our next generation. However, our Earth is getting sick. The Earth is weakened by devastating pollutions and global warming. You may not notice that the polar ice caps are melting and the sea level rises, but you can feel the weather become unpredictable, hotter and hotter.

Our Earth is melting, what we can do to save our earth? In fact, all of us can be the hero to protect the Earth by our little actions. We can

• Practice the three R’s of waste management: Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

• Plant more trees to conserve the water and purify the air

• Use water wisely

• Switch off the lights and unplug the electronic products when you are not at home

At Zenxin, we use organic farming to protect our earth. With the cultivation method without pesticide and chemical fertiliser, organic farming can increase the top soil layer which provides the nutrients to plants and save the earth from water and soil pollution. Plants will take up the rain water and organic farming can prevent from the extra nitrogen which not used by plants, leached into rivers and groundwater. Apart from that, organic farming can prevent any harmful chemical from pesticides and chemical fertiliser residue in food and keep us healthy. Also, we make our own organic compost with leave, weed and vegetable waste to fertilise soil.

On top of that, we adopt the conservation practices at our Zenxin Organic Park. We use filtered rain water for watering plants and recycle the used pallets become a reception counter, signboards as well as furniture. We build an Attap natural roofing corridor to provide shelter and use DIY plastic bottle windmills to decorate our Happy Farm. Educational park programmes are available for schools, companies, organisations and special groups. We also encourage our customers to bring their reusable shopping bags when they go grocery shopping.

This year, Zenxin Organic Park once again organises a special event for Earth Day on 25 & 26 April 2015. There will be mini environmental exhibitions, special guided tour for Earth Day, recycling sorting game as well as seed boom DIY. Visit our park this weekend to know more about how we can do our part to make the Earth sustainable. You will learn a lot of simple tips like how to purify the air in your house, how to grow a plant at home, how to sorting the recycling items and more.

(Besides the activities above, we will visit a kindergarten and conduct an Earth Day programme to teach our young children to how we can make the Earth greener and healthier. Follow our Facebook: Zenxin Agri Organic Food & Zenxin Organic Park to know more about the stories)

Do you know which layer provide nutrients to plants?

Do you know which layer provide nutrients to plants?

Try this experiment to learn how plants can conserve water.

Try this experiment to learn how plants can conserve water.

Come together and meet our Earth Day Team member!

Come together and meet our Earth Day Team member!

Try out our Seed Bomb DIY

Try out our Seed Bomb DIY

The “Organic Intern” Story in Zenxin

The Organic Intern!

Ken Chu, 23 years old, is one of the internship students from University Putra Malaysia. He had undergone his internship with Zenxin for 24 memorable weeks.


Why did you choose to undergo your internship at Zenxin?

“I wanted hands-on and a more close-to-nature experience for my industrial training. With that in mind, I searched online and found Zenxin and contacted them without a second thought” said Ken.

How was the experience as a whole?

“After being here for 24 weeks, I must say that I have learned a lot about how organic farms operate and how it differs from conventional farms.”

Ken added, “It was a fun experience as I had the opportunity to do things that I had never done before and meet different people with amazing stories to share.”



What were some of the memorable moments that you experienced during your involvement with Zenxin?

Ken said that there were happy and sad moments while being here in Zenxin. “Happy was when I fed, groomed and took care of the rabbits for the first time (how could you not be happy?). I would always remember the moment they surrounded you early in the morning when they saw you carrying their breakfast in your hands. Sad was when friends, who taught me the ropes of a farmer left the place as their service period had ended. I am still happy for them as they were going home to see their family which they missed dearly.”

Do you have any favourite Zenxin’s fruit /vegetable?

“Corn. The cornfields look amazing under the blue sky and the organic corns taste great.”


****We welcome you to join us as an intern or even WWOOFER!****** Send you application to [email protected]****


Mooncake Festival Celebration – Colouring in Zenxin Organic Park

Mooncake Festival Celebration

Lantern Colouring in Zenxin Organic Park Malaysia


I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be”

It is a lyrics from “Greatest Love of All”. Zenxin believes in the same way as written in the song – Children are our future, and also our future consumers.

Chinese Mooncake Festival is just around the corner, we seize the chance to organize lantern colouring contest in Zenxin Organic Park to share the joy of the festival with all our children and show them care about the environment. We welcome your kids and you to join us in our future activities in our park.