Safe and Refreshing Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning for 2021

This year more than ever, the tradition of cleaning the whole house to chase out bad energy is really needed to usher in a brand new healthy way of living for 2021.

The Lunar New Year 2021 begins on Friday, 12th February. The 15-day festival starts on a new moon and ends with the Festival of Lanterns on the following full moon. Traditionally, the month prior would see the useless items thrown out and the house cleaned from attic to basement. It is believed that by doing this,there is room for new and good energy to enter your life.




Here is a quick overview of common toxins often added to household cleaning agents.

There are fragrances added to air fresheners, soap and even toilet paper which can contain pthalates known to cause reproductive problems including endometriosis.

Dry-cleaning solutions contain perchloroethylene, a neurotoxin and possible carcinogen which causes dizziness and loss of coordination.

‘Antibacterial’ detergents contain triclosan, a hormone disruptor and probable carcinogen. It is known to be toxic to algae and promotes the growth of drug-resistant bacteria.

Fabric softeners, sheets and many ‘antibacterial’ household cleaners contain QUATS quaternary ammonium compounds, skin irritants. These products are a leading cause of asthma & dermatitis. They pose a similar problem to triclosan, breeding drug-resistant bacteria.

Window, kitchen and multipurpose cleaners can contain 2-butoxyethanol, a powerful solvent which can cause liver and kidney damage as well as narcosis & pulmonary oedema.

Polishing agents and glass cleaners also contain ammonia, a powerful irritant which causes breathing problems including chronic asthma and bronchitis.

Chlorine in scouring powders, toilet cleaners, mildew removers, laundry whiteners and household tap water is a known skin & lung irritant, and may disrupt thyroid function.

Lastly, oven and drain cleaners contain sodium hydroxide which is very corrosive and can cause burns to our delicate skin.

To ensure that Chinese New Year  house cleaning comes with the appropriate health benefits as well as new energy, ZENXIN is offering the Almawin range of cleaning products from Germany.

Here are the descriptions of 5 basic Almawin cleaning products. From the range, you may find it useful to improve the overall health of your family for the coming year. All 5 have attained the Green Brand approval for being environmentally friendly, the ECO GARANTIE® as well as approval from the Vegan Society.

Almawin ‘Babyflaschen Reiniger’ is a cleaner for young mothers looking to avoid pthalates. Use for all baby’s bottles, dummies, teething rings, dishes & toys. This is hypoallergenic with no perfume, colouring or pigments and is ideal for sensitive young skin. It is concentrated and powerful enough to remove milk, food and & dirt residues.

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Almawin ‘Obst- und Gemüsereiniger’ is a gentle cleaner for those who are worried about residues on their non-organic fruit & vegetables. Please use sparingly as the solution is concentrated. (2-12ml to 1 litre of water) Make sure to rinse your produce carefully with fresh clean water after using the solution.

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Almawin Household Cleaner is an Eco-concentrated universal cleaner for all cleaning tasks around the home. It has a fresh lemon scent from essential oil of lemon and is an efficient and effective cleaner for all hard surfaces such as kitchen worktops, tiles, doors and floors. The combination of natural surfactants and plant-based degreasing compounds achieve excellent cleaning results while being gentle on the skin. (10ml to 5 litres of water)

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Almawin Bathroom Cleaner has a special nozzle adaptor to produce a foam, almost completely eliminating the spray which irritates sensitive noses. The foam has a pleasant fresh smell from essential oil of peppermint and is effective in removing limescale and dirt. It is suitable for all acid resistant surfaces, but not for use on marble, limestone, or anodised surfaces. Ideally spray the foam about 40cm from the target surface and use sparingly.

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Almawin Glass & Window Cleaner for those wishing to avoid toxic 2-butoxyethanol. This is another Eco-concentrated solution to be used sparingly. A special nozzle adaptor produces foam for easy cleaning on mirrors, windows, glass panels, tables, television, computer monitors. Take note that it is NOT suitable for plasma screens. Use it in your car’s windscreen wiper system to make everything squeaky clean.

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Let Zenxin help bring mindfulness in cleaning your home and together we can bring a healthy new start with attention and awareness to 2021!

AlmaWin Natural Cleanliness

  • Phosphate-free
  • Free from optical brighteners
  • Chlorine-free and GMO Free
  • Successful dermatological tests- Skin friendly and asthma-friendly
  • Promotes a vegan lifestyle,, protects the wellbeing of people and animals
  • No synthetic fragrances, only pure essential oils.
  • Reduced to the absolutely necessary raw materials and easily biodegradable
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