My Superdad

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Unlike most kids of our times, I had a very different childhood. Me and my siblings lived and grew up on a farm. 

After school, I was riding bicycles, picking eggs and starfruit. I had fun every day. As a kid, I did not particularly enjoy homework. Dad heard the teacher’s complaint but did not reprimand me. Instead, from then on he always took the chance to instill great values in me, reminding me to be honest and diligent, to treat others with politeness and respect, and that sometimes, losing is winning. All of these important qualities that would establish one in society, are exactly the very values that ZENXIN is built upon——-honesty, sincerity and therefore prosperity.

After graduating from high school, Dad worked in Singapore for several years. He is always that hardworking chap appreciated by his family and friends. 

With a stroke of luck, he returned to his hometown of Kluang to start off a business—— that of raising 500 chickens. Then he had only one team member, my mother, to help him. Through perseverance, honesty. treating others with sincerity, he founded and paved the way for the ZENXIN that you see now.

It seemed that serendipity was Dad’s strongest ally. Whilst in the business of compost production, Dad tasted fresh organic cabbage at Cameron Highlands and likened the taste of vegetables to be those from his childhood memory…

Tai Kok Kong at organic farm

I still remember that the first organic farm we set up was in the mountain forests of Kelantan, some 50 kilometers away from Cameron Highlands. Then Dad at the age of 50, was leading his colleagues to open up wasteland for farming. He would drive back and forth to Kluang on the same day, spending 20 hours on the road, just to achieve his mission. I sincerely admire Dad with all my heart. He has shown himself to be a shining example for us all, and from time to time, I find inspiration and motivation from his experiences to run ZENXIN as best I can.

Unlike the relationship with mother, ties or bonding with the father is always more subtle as we are always in awe of him. But now that I have grown and matured, I hold dear the time I spend with him. Always, it is our greatest wish to make him happier and healthier.

Due to limitations set forth by COVID-19, I have not met up with Dad in a few months. I suppose this Father’s Day we might not yet be able to spend time together as well. However, our young family video calls Dad and Mom every day, so that both grandparents and grandchildren can “see” each other on a daily basis. 

So long as Dad is healthy, every day is the best Father’s Day. To all fathers, may you be healthy and happy every day.

Sengyee Tai

Zenxin Organic Food Team Leader

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