Earth Day Note from ZENXIN

our support and commitment to organic produce has direct impact on these organic farmers influencing how they live influencing to our waterways environment one and only Earth.

Dear Friends of ZENXIN,

Today the world celebrates for the 50th  time—Earth Day.

We are reminded once and again, that we have only one beautiful earth and right now, it is calling us to protect her.

Unaware to you perhaps, the choices you make on a daily basis, consciously choosing to go organic directly impacts the health of Mother Earth. You can save our her!

To date, ZENXIN runs 4 organic farms, support 30 organic small growers in Malaysia and has consolidated a tight network of partners comprising hundreds of organic farms worldwide. Most of whom are small producers, totally devoted to farming by hand, dedicated in nurturing soil using compost, weeding by hands without weedicides, insisting only on organic fertilizers with negligible run off and hence minimizing pollution to waterways


Watch the interview video of our organic farmer, Mr Tan about his incredible story transitioning from conventional practices into organic farming.


These are just some examples to show you how organic farming saves Mother Earth from unnecessary pollution and at the same time works at bettering soil and environment for our future generations.

When ZENXIN observed these efforts, we wanted to do more

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In the last 2 years, ZENXIN participated fervently in campaign “Organic is Part of the Solution” initiated by EOSTA, and supported by IFOAM, Soil Association and many other organic communities worldwide, to show that organic farming has direct positive impact to more than 8 out of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals.  As an organic food company, we pledge to continue supporting this mission and to be more sustainable in the coming years.

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We worked decisively to replaced most of the plastic trays to biodegradable recyclable paper trays, we choose compostable nets for packing fruits and onions, and use biodegradable tapes in our packaging.

The use of trays and plastic packaging is now limited to packing organic leafy vegetables and fruit vegetables like tomatoes to protect against from wilting or crushing during deliver. In which case, these only contribute to a wastage of farmers’ efforts.

ZENXIN Organic Shops have also, stopped giving out plastic bags, instead, you will get boxes to carry your vegetables. After more than one year, our customers are loving these green initiatives so much, most have even cultivated the habit of bringing their own bags to shop in our stores.

If you come to our home at ZENXIN Organic Park in Kluang recently, you will be pleasantly surprised to see more educational eco-friendly activities like building eco walls, composting etc to educate our visitors on how we can do our part for Mother Earth.

For all of us at ZENXIN, Earth Day 2020 is exceptionally meaningful this year as we go to great lengths to deliver the best organic produce to you, whilst countries the world over face unprecedented challenges in almost all sectors of their economy in their best efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

This made me reflect and think of the one world, one Earth we share, you and me, our families, friends, colleagues, work partners. It is here, right here on Earth that our livelihoods take shape, our dreamstake flight.

Many things might have changed overnight, but one thing is for certain, the purchasing power of consumers provides the greatest driving force to effect change.

Your decision to consume organic, eco friendly, sustainable products will make our Earth a better Earth–for all of us.

Make your choice now.

At the other end of the equation, we have established retail in Zenxin Organic Shops and organised delivery so as to allow our premium quality organic produce to reach you in a way that could provide ease and convenience to you and your family.

Your support and commitment to organic produce has direct impact on these organic farmers, influencing how they live, influencing our waterways, our environment, our one and only Earth.

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