We Got Certified Organic for the 15th Time!

But is there really a difference?

We get this question a lot and many might not be aware of how it really works.

It goes beyond the strict regulations and prohibited synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMO)… All that nasties you have heard of.

And, it does not revolve around the farm only.

That’s why we were extra thrilled this year to welcome our awesome National Association of Sustainable Agriculture (NASAA) Australia auditors, Mr. Matthew and Dr. Jay, who spent a sunny week at our organic farms and facilities.

The credible duo wasted no time on our 430 acres of farmland – from inspecting organic compost, surveying farmers, performing random pesticide tests and many more to ensure our foods are 100% nutrient dense and chemical-free.

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To set the seal on food safety, our NASAA buddies also scrutinized each production stage such as packaging, shipping, etc. to ensure our entire supply chain meets the stringent organic standards.

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So… What’s Certified Organic at ZENXIN?

  1. All Organic Farms: ZENXIN Organic Park, Lojing Highland, Simpang Rengam and Gua Musang
  2. All our 30 contract farmers’ farms
  3. All Organic Processing Facilities: production, packaging, shipping, etc. (certified by ISO22K for food safety too)
  4. Organic Input Manufacturer: we make our own organic compost and fertilizer for all organic farmers

For a Malaysian farmer, getting the organic certification is a long, costly process. Not forgetting about the challenges such as timing, pests, short supply and many more. That’s why there are limited options in the market. So be sure to support as many local farmers as we can.

Fun Facts:

1. A few holes in fresh produce are a very telltale sign that it is organic.

2. Spotting active spiders in an organic farm is a very good sign.

3. In most countries, the term ‘Organic’ can be used on a product anywhere, anytime without any legal consequences.

4. However, the term ‘Certified Organic’ can only be used on a product where the producer, processor, etc., is certified by an independent third party certifier.

5. The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) is one of the oldest organic certification bodies in Australia and in the world.

Get in tune with nature today with our organic park!20191129 Tour 10
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