#1 Poached Egg with Organic Avocado

We always encourage to eat breakfast like the royale family! You probably have heard of the consequences of skipping a breakfast, including side effects physically and emotionally. So why take the risk?

And we know you treasure your sleeping time equally, so here’s a recipe that takes you just minutes to prepare!

Try it with our antibiotic-free eggs for a fragrant and creamy texture that goes very well with nutrient-packed organic avocado. With the right tricks, you make the perfect Poached Egg easy-breezily!Sprinkle your favorite organic herbs to perfect your king’s meal.

No more reasons to skip your breakfast!

#2 Organic Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich)

Perfect recipe for a sushi lover!

A slight modification from a standard sandwich, this rice sandwich will definitely rock your lunch box. And we’ll make sure that it is as simple as making a sandwich.

Ingredients are rather simple, they are rolled egg, lemon chicken, salad, tomato, and some white rice to comfort your stomach.  Also a great idea to clear the leftover rice from dinner! All these ingredients can be easily found in Zenxin outlets!

Learn from the video on the way to roll your onigarazu, not as hard as you imagine!

#3 Homemade Instant Noodle

“Instant” is the word that all busy people love. So, here’s our instant noodle recipe, but of course not the same thing you imagine that has notorious side effects to your body.

And instead of using lunchbox, u can fit them in your oh-so-chic mason jar. Simply Natural handmade noodle gives you a chewy texture that is more fulfilling and absolutely a unique flavour that u would want to try.

When the clock hits 1, take out your mason jar and pour in your hot water! Ta-da, enjoy your jar of instant noodle!

#4 Zenxin Full-meal Skewers

It can be tricky to attract lil’ picky eaters to lift their forks at home, especially those who are in trouble two or terrible three.

Why not give our full-meal skewers a try? These colourful skewers contains carbohydrate, protein, and vegetables for the kids. Exactly the same concept of “Rainbow diet”!

The best thing about this recipe, is that you can recreate many other simple recipes based on the same formula. Remember to include a good variety of fresh organic food and discover different ways for the kids to enjoy them. It could be bento, sandwich after skewer!

#5 Bento with Lemon Chicken

Bento is a more satisfying and common lunch option for rice-craving Asians. And in fact, preparing a lunch box with balance and healthy diet in mind is absolutely possible. Save your time by choosing the right ingredients, such as organic vegetables that is suitable to be eaten raw.

Here’s an idea of a balanced meal spiced up with organic spices. Don’t forget to enjoy them with your favorite fruits!