• Commit to produce organically-grown products of the highest quality by disallowing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Aiming to achieve a high level of consumers satisfaction towards organic food.
  • 制度及透明化的生产过程,有效率地把诚兴产品送达顾客手上,确保大家购得新鲜纯正的有机栽种产品。
  • Build an organic company producing quality organic food to consumers, provide better working environment to company members and make a sustainable organic business for investors.
  • 致力与生产高品质的有机栽种产品销售于顾客,为员工提供良好的工作环境,为投资者建立良好的企业。
  • Promote foods unadulterated by chemical fertilizer, pesticides, artificial additives and preservatives, make our earth and human being greener and healthier.
  • 推广不含农药、化肥、添加剂的健康产品,提倡环保,教育下一代,协助大家培养良好生活习惯,为营造健康社会做出努力。