Understanding Certified Organic and Certified Organic In Conversion

As according to NASAA Australian Organic Standards which are followed by the whole group of Zenxin Organic Farms and Grower Group

2.1 ORGANIC CERTIFICATION or Certified Organic

General Principles
Organic certification is achieved when an operator able to demonstrate that they have achieved a farming system that is compliant with the relevant sections of the following standards. Organic production systems require an ongoing commitment to organic production practices.


2.1.1 Certified as Organic may be achieved only after there is demonstrated compliance through inspection and records, with all relevant sections of this standard for a minimum of 3 years and first year of In-Conversion to Organic requirements have been fulfilled.

** Clause 2.1 states that in order for a produce to achieve its Certified Organic status,it has to go through the mandatory inspection and possess relevant documents for minimum of three (3) years.

2.2 CONVERSION TO ORGANIC or Organic In-Conversion

Generic Principles

Making the changes that take a property from conventional production to organic certification usually involve changes to management practices implemented over a period of time to achieve a sustainable agro ecosystem. Such changes to management practices focus on the development of preventative management strategies to reduce the reliance of inputs and the implementation of monitoring systems to evaluate farming activities on an ongoing basis. This process is known as converting to organic and the first level of certification where a label can be used is called ‘Organic In Conversion’. Part of the farm may be converted to begin with, provided there is an outline of how the whole farm will be gradually converted to organic production or ‘Certified Organic’.

As mentioned in clause 2.1.1, it is stated that operator has to fulfil at least first (1st) year of requirement which is mentioned in clause 2.2.1 in NASAA Australian Organic Standards.


2.2.1 For the first (1st) year of certification, the operator will be certified as In Conversion before being considered eligible for an upgrade to Certified Organic status.

2.2.2 The operator is required to demonstrate their records that they have compiled with the relevant sections of this standard for at least twelve (12) months to be eligible for Organic In-Conversion status.

2.2.3 The conversion period may be extended depending on few conditions such as past use of the land, operator’s management capacity and environmental factors.

** Clause 2.2 explains clearly how a conventional farmland can be converted to organic, which has been Zenxin’s initiative of converting more farmland into Certified Organic under Zenxin Organic Grower Group.

In Zenxin Organic, we insist all our farmlands and farmers under Organic Grower Group to comply with Australian Organic Standards, NASAA. We will inspect our farmers under the Organic Grower Group twice a year and pay routine visits to all the organic farms. Besides that, we also conduct random pesticides test on the soil, water and the produce.

In fact, Zenxin has its whole operations to be Certified Organic, meaning our organic fertilizers factory is certified as Organic Input Manufacturer, Zenxin farms and Grower Group’s farms are certified as Organic Producers. Finally, all of Zenxin Packing Facilities are certified as Organic Processors to ensure that every organic produce are packed carefully under the compliance of NASAA Organic Standards with full traceability back to the sources.

What about Certified Organic Imported Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Dried Fruits?
Besides the organic produce grown in Zenxin Organic Farms and Growers Group Farms, Zenxin also extend the effort to import organic produce from all around the world which include apples, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, garlic, pumpkins and etc. Zenxin only works with certified organic farms and suppliers with internationally recognized organic certification and possess Organic Transactional Certificate for the organic products that we source to ensure the organic integrity.

Our team goes extra mile to ensure the integrity of Zenxin Organic Fresh Produce and Simply Natural Organic Dried Products. We will continue to improve our process to make sure you obtain the authentic organic products from Zenxin.
Thank you for your support.

Organically Yours,
Tai Seng Yee,
Zenxin Organic Food Team Leader.

Our NASAA Certifications

Fresh Produce

8123 Zenxin NCO Certificate
Valid until: 30.09.2020

Dry Goods

8123P Zenxin NCO Certificate
Valid until: 30.07.2020

8123P Zenxin NOP Certificate
Issued 14.05.2020