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Organic Express is a farm-to-table delivery service offered by Zenxin Organic Foods since 2014, carrying our own Zenxin‘s fresh produce and in-house Simply Natural organic wholesome food brand. Our products are from domestic and international certified suppliers, with over 95% of our 350+ products being certified organic by NASAA or USDA. Our products are also clearly labelled: certified organic products have “organic” in its name or relevant certification status.

You can find our full range of Zenxin & Simply Natural products at the Organic Shop section. Happy shopping =)

We believe everyone should have access to healthy and reliable food sources, at affordable prices and convenience.


Since 2001, Zenxin has been a trusted source of organically-grown vegetables and fruits in Malaysia & Singapore. We offer 60+ types of fresh produce and 350+ dry goods to over 70 supermarkets and 100 dealers across the nation. We grow our tropical crops in Malaysia and Thailand, and source seasonal temperate crops alternatively from the northern & southern hemispheres.

Furthermore, since 2008 the Zenxin production chain is certified organic by NASAA Australia, which is accredited by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). Our compost factory is Certified Organic Input Manufacturer, our farms are Certified Organic Producers and our processing houses are Certified Organic Processors.

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You can also visit our organic park, the largest in Malaysia:
Zenxin Organic Park

Vision, Mission & Value Statements

Strive to be the leader in sustainable organic food and agriculture in Asia

Develop and support organic agriculture which is beneficial to the planet

Adopt principles of organic: Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care as the company’s direction in creating healthier soil, food, people and planet

Commit to produce highest quality organic food through sustainable farming practices and transparent operations which has no adverse effect to consumers’ diet
Build a sustainable organic business which benefits the consumers, the societies, the investors, the coworkers, the suppliers and all involved
Promote healthier organic and wholesome diet, encourage home cooking which creates happy moments for families across the world

Uphold values that define Zenxin People

A farmer collecting New Zealand Spinach at our open to public Zenxin Organic Park’s farm

Zenxin People
Honesty and Sincerity Makes Prosperity

 Hard Work, Direction and Passion

Respect, Empathy, Helping

Accountability and Integrity

Product Quality as Top Priority

Making Decision Benchmarking on Company’s Priority

It can only be better

Work with Love and Care