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Mr. Tai Kok Kong

Founder of Zenxin Organic Food

Zenxin Agri-Organic Food (Zenxin) is Malaysia’s leading producer, distributor and retailer of organic produce. Zenxin are the member of International Federation of Organic Farm Movements (IFOAM) and we have a complete production chain (compost factory, organic farms and organic wholesalers) which is certified by National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA). Also, we are certified organic under the standards of Scheme Organic Malaysia, SOM (accredited by Department of Agriculture, Malaysia).

Since 2001, Zenxin has been a trusted source for organically-grown vegetables and fruits. We offer the widest and most complete organic produce with over 60 varieties to over 70 supermarkets and 100 dealers in both Malaysia and Singapore. Our tropical crops are grown in Malaysia and Thailand while seasonal temperate crops are sourced alternatively from the northern & southern hemispheres.

Beside of the fresh produce, we launched our house brand, Simply Natural in 2009. Simply Natural food offers a healthier option without artificial additives and preservatives. We have a wide range of organic products with affordable prices. All our products are packed in our own NASAA certified organic facilities, a dedicated cold room to ensure the freshness and hygiene.

In 2006, our Zenxin Organic Park is opened in Kluang. This is the largest and the first open-to-public organic farm with recreation activities, restaurant, organic shop, flower nursery and facilities in Malaysia. Our Zenxin Organic Park offers visitors valuable insights into the techniques and virtues of organic farming, combining education and recreational fun in the process. Our visitors will witness how farmers growing produce organically without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and boost their confidence to our Zenxin produce.

Till now, we have 5 organic farms, 20 contract farms, 3 distribution centers, 1 organic fertilizers factory, 10 organic food stores, 1 recreation park and more than 200 workforces in our team.

We, at Zenxin, will continue to carry out our missions and be your most trustworthy organic provider to make our earth and human being greener and healthier,