Zenxin in Tripzilla Magazine (17 Feb 2016)

We are so happy to be featured as one of the “8 Hidden Gem Destinations in Johor That Are Worth Discovering” by this article recently published in TripZilla Magazine.

Massive thanks to TripZilla and author Darren Yeoh for the lovely feature!

(Adapted from magazine.tripzilla.com/about) TripZilla Magazine is the flagship publication of TripZilla, Southeast Asia’s Leading Travel Media Company that attracts over 1.3 million visits every month. The magazine curates and aggregates useful, value-adding travel stories to inspire our readers. By collecting and sharing some of the best guides and tips from travellers, TripZilla Magazine builds a virtual travel hub to facilitate the travel community in every step of their holiday planning.

You can have a read at the lovely article by clicking on the link.

ZENXIN in Travellution Magezine Feb 2016 Issue 36

Zenxin Organic Park was proud to be featured in the latest issue (Issue 36) of Travellution Magazine, the first Chinese ravel magazine in Singapore! Big thanks to Travellution and the author Ms Liu Kai Xin, we very much appreciate the lovely feature! Travellution is available in both hard and soft copy, hard copies can be found in newsstands and bookstores across Singapore, while the soft copies are available for download purchase on Magzter, Zinio, Starhub Boutique Magazines.

翻开二月号ISSUE 36 的《畅游行》就可以在内页看到我们的诚兴绿色有机公园!好自然,好漂亮!谢谢《畅游行》, 也谢谢作者刘凯欣小姐到访我们的有机公园!《畅游行》是新加坡第一本中文旅游杂志,拥有实体与电子两种版本,适合国内外不同阅读习惯的读者。实体版于全岛各大小报摊书局,便利商店皆有出售,电子版可在 Magzter、Zinio与 Starhub Boutique Magazine下载购买。





Zenxin Wishes You a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Zenxin wishes all their customers a happy, healthy lunar new year 2016!

This lunar new year is symbolized by the fire monkey. Traditional associations are naturally with Sun Wu Kong of journey to the West fame. The monkey king’s indomitable spirit results in much fun as he does not hesitate to test the boundaries and use his intelligence to solve problems in most original ways.

Fire over metal suggests it’s time to take care of the heart and lungs. Stressful urban living can easily result in inflammation and high blood pressure, but you can relax in the knowledge that adding your favourite organic veggies such as Asian leafy greens, garlic, beetroot, ginger and turmeric to your diet, will help to smooth out these problems.

Metal relates to the respiratory system and skin. Dry brushing before showering in the morning will help maintain skin health and stimulate the immune system. Our lungs took quite a beating with last year’s haze, so nourish them with antioxidants from fresh organic vegetables and sprouted seeds and grains. If dairy is tolerated, a little organic Barambah yoghurt added to your breakfast smoothie is nourishing.

A useful habit a couple of hours before bedtime is to take a delicious cup of fragrant herb tea, breathe deeply and relax. Our organic mulberry tea grown in Zenxin Organic Park would be ideal, we are coming out with new combinations adding organic chamomile, lemongrass and hibiscus. Watch out for the new flavours!

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