Zenxin at the 2nd Johor Agriculture Fair 2015

Last weekend was the 2nd Johor Agriculture Fair organised by the Kluang Agriculture Society (
居銮农业公会), at the Che Luan Khor Hall in Kluang (居銮德教会). This exhibition attracted companies involved in all fields of agriculture, including horticulture, aquaculture, farming, pest control and fertiliser.

The main objective of this event was to allow information exchange among agriculturists, with the goal of increasing yield using modern, effective and professional tools and methods. Aside from the exhibitions there were talks and forums on hot topics in agriculture, for people in the business and everyone else who was interested.

Zenxin was a proud participant of the event. We had a booth to showcase our organic and organic compound fertilizers, Midori. Zenxin started making fertilizers in 2001 in order to self-supply fertilisers to oil palm plantation, and to organic fruit and vegetable cultivation subsidiaries. Using knowledge and technology from Germany and Japan we were able to produce premium quality fertilisers that are environmentally friendly. We later acquired the international organic certification NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia Limited) in 2008, and since then have been well recognised in the domestic fertiliser market in Malaysia.

At our booth we were selling a selection of our star products, including Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea, eggs from our own poultry farm, and fresh organic vegetables, all products under the Zenxin umbrella. Also available for purchase are small pots of live herbs, which can grow and allow for continuous harvest if taken care of properly.

Zenxin along with all attending companies were presented with a certificate of participation for their enthusiasm and contribution to better the agriculture industry.

Here are some moments we captured during the event!








Zenxin at the Grand Opening of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara.

11 July 2015 was the grand opening of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara(普照寺)in Kluang, Johor. A charity bazaar was held at the vihara in honour of the event, and Zenxin was fortunate to be part of it.

The many stalls were taken up by non-profit organisations and companies from all trades, attracting over 5000 visitors from all over Malaysia.

At our Zenxin stall, fresh organic vegetables harvested straight from the Organic Farm were on sale. We also sold a good choice of dry food products from our Simply Natural range. Tasty treats such as sweet potato curry puffs, herbal tea eggs, and mulberry tea prepared by our talented chefs back at the park restaurant were also available for our hungry visitors.  All items were sold at discounted prices and part of the proceeds was donated to the vihara.

We dedicated a part of our stall to the “Grow Your Own Vegetable” project, where guests can get involved with transplanting Choy Sum seedlings into bigger pots and take home. This a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes back at the farm, in an effort to raise public interest in organic agriculture.

All in all, it was a fun day in the sun spent interacting with the crowd and making new friends. Be sure to follow us on Facebook at Zenxin Agri-Organic Food to stay informed!



Our friendly staff at the bazaar.

Our friendly staff at the bazaar.

Zenxin's organic vegetables for sale. Come one come all!

Zenxin’s organic vegetables for sale. Come one come all!

The Simply Natural dry foods are looking good!

The Simply Natural dry foods are looking good!

Remember to take your five colours per day.

Remember to take your five colours per day.

Social Responsibility: Zenxin Supporting Chonghwa Walk



今年中华行迈入了第15个年头。本届中华行分为男子公开组(50岁以下,全程5公里)、男子宿将组(50岁以上,5公里) 中华行简报中国报 中华行委员会 中华行颁奖仪式 中华行颁奖仪式 中华行大合照、女子公开组(50岁以下,5公里)、女子宿将组(50岁以上,3公里)、銮中学生组(男甲、男乙、男丙,5公里;女甲、女乙、女丙,3公里和非竞赛组(中华自由行,全程3公里)。


It has been 7 consecutive years that Zenxin Organic Food supports the Chonghwa Walk. The event was organised on 23 June 2015 at  Chonghwa High School, Kluang. There categories for the walks included Open Competitive Categories (Male and Female), Veteran Competitive Categories (Male and Female), Student Competitive Category and fun walk.

Zenxin at the EcoFestival

Zenxin was proud to be a part of the EcoFestival, hosted by EcoWorld, organized by the Biji-biji Initiative at EcoTropics, JB and EcoSky,KL.

At Eco Festival, we met great people who love the Earth and seen lots of creative Eco ideas to make our environment greener. The activities included composting and bio-enzyme workshops, transforming old wooden pallets into furniture, creative waste reuse and upcycling discarded materials.

As a leading brand in the organic industry, Zenxin launched a new programme, “Grow Your Own Vegetable” at the Eco Festival. Through this we wish to instill a love for organic farming in the public, and educate the young about where the vegetables we consume daily come from. We prepared seedlings of leafy vegetables such as Choy Sum for the children to transplant into recycled paper cups, which they can harvest and eat in a week’s time. It was delightful to see kids taking interest and participating in the activity!

At our booth, we sold an array of dried foods, healthy snacks, Mulberry tea and organic vegetables straight from our Organic Farm. For the crowd to experience “Organic Food, Real Taste”, we provided raw sweet corn and lady-fingers (okra) for tasting.  Eating fresh and raw food provide us with high nutrient levels and they are generally low in calories. Also, we served our booth visitors with a cup of refreshing organic mulberry leaf tea, which benefits our eye sight and keeps us healthy.

Take a look at the happy faces we captured at the festival!


Zenxin's booth at the EcoFestival.

Zenxin’s booth at the EcoFestival.

Fun for the whole family!

Fun for the whole family!

11042685_10153408156458187_437750288651687692_n 11665418_10153408161368187_77901689027990974_n

Our team at the festival in EcoTropics, Kota Masai.

Our team at the festival in EcoTropics, Kota Masai.

Our team at the festival in EcoSky,KL.

Our team at the festival in EcoSky,KL.

Remember to water your plants!

Remember to water your plants!


Speaking about Zenxin’s Experience in Organic Certification Process, SDF Singapore

We are so glad to share with you that Zenxin was be invited to speak about the experience of Zenxin in NASAA Organic certification on 14th May. The workshop was organised by Singapore Manufacturing Federation and the turn out was very well.

We hope to clear more myth about the standard of organic food among the consumers. We also hope to see if there will be more producers and processors turning into organic food production. Do let us know if you want to find out more by emailing to [email protected]





























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Okra Recipes by Mrs Wellness Ambassador & Ceri

Zenxin Organic June’s recipe theme is Okra or Lady’s finger.Okra Field
This the first healthy recipe theme offered by our new Wellness Ambassador Mrs Singapore Planet 2015, Constance Lim. They were inspired by a visit to Zenxin Organic Park where she saw the fields of lady’s fingers, she found out they are very versatile, combine well with different herbs and spices and can be eaten raw.

The green tender pods grow very well in tropical or warm temperate regions and are thought to have originated in Africa. They still figure largely in West Africa and North-East African diets today, where they are known as ‘bamia’.

Lady’s Finger (Abelmoschus esculentus) is a member of the Mallow family Malvaceae, and the pods are a rich source of mucilage, a substance that helps soothe the gut and ease constipation. A high fibre content also helps stabilize blood sugar and absorption and they also contain Vit B9 (folate), Vit C and Vit K to support the immune system.

So they are a great addition to any diet, improving digestion, helping prevent diabetes and improving overall health. You might even like to try growing them at home as they grow quite well in containers! They like a well-drained manure-rich soil and take 45-60 days from seed to harvest. You can have a healthy ‘garden’ even in an urban environment!

Okra Recipe 1Recipe 1: Quinoa with Okra

You will need:
1 cup ‘Simply Natural’ Quinoa
2 cups of water
2 Zenxin Organic lady’s fingers (okra), cut into ½ cm thickness
½ cup organic cranberries
½ cup ‘Simply Natural’ pine nuts
Bunch of Zenxin Organic coriander (cilantro), roughly chopped
1/2 Zenxin Organic lemon
‘Simply Natural’ French sea salt
‘Simply Natural’ organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil

Cook 1 cup of quinoa in 2 cups of boiling water, add sea salt and coconut oil as desired.(This can also be cooked in the rice cooker.) Stir occasionally to prevent sticking. When water is almost fully absorbed, but quinoa still moist, turn off heat. Add okra to cook in residual heat. When almost cooled, add pine nuts and cranberries.
Juice ½ Zenxin Organic lemon and serve.

N.B. Okra can be eaten raw and is very delicate so needs very little heat to cook.


Recipe 2: Okra stuffed with minced chicken and rosemary

Okra Recipe 3Okra Recipe 2.2

Okra Recipe 2.3






You will need:

1 packet of Zenxin Organic lady’s fingers (okra)
300 g minced chicken
4 sprigs of Zenxin Organic fresh rosemary
‘Simply Natural’ French sea salt
‘Simply Natural’ cold pressed virgin organic coconut oil

Remove rosemary from stalk and chop. Add chopped rosemary and sea salt to minced chicken, mix well and set aside. Prepare the okra or lady’s fingers by cutting the top, slit down one side and remove seeds or leave seeds if you enjoy the crunch. Stuff minced chicken into okra. In a non-stick pan, add one tablespoon of coconut oil and pan sear the stuffed okra until chicken is golden brown. Serve okra on its own, with salsa sauce as shown or any sauce you like. It can also be added to a clear soup, it is that versatile.


Recipe 3: Okra wrapped with Ginger and Coriander Chicken

Okra Recipe 2 Okra Recipe 3.2

Okra Recipe 3.1






You will need:
1 packet of Zenxin Organic lady’s fingers (okra)
10 pieces of chicken fillets
1 knob (4-cm) of young ginger
1 big bunch of Zenxin Organic coriander (cilantro)
3 cloves of Zenxin Organic garlic
3 cloves of Zenxin Organic shallots
‘Simply Natural’ French sea salt
‘Simply Natural’ Cold-pressed virgin organic coconut oil
½ Zenxin Organic lemon

Prepare okra by cutting off the top and slicing into half lengthways.
Lightly pound the chicken fillets to equal thinness for even cooking and set aside. Mince the young ginger, coriander, garlic and shallots in a food processor with sea salt and coconut oil as desired. Spread the paste mixture evenly onto the chicken fillets. Wrap chicken fillets around 2 to 4 pieces of sliced okra and secure with toothpicks. Pan sear wrapped okra until the chicken is golden brown. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and serve.