Zenxin Organic Food featured in today’s issue of Mind Your Body

Zenxin Organic Food as well as our director, Mr Tai Seng Yee, were mentioned in an article (‘Organic Way of Life’) in Mind Your Body today.

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 Quoted from the article:

“Zenxin Organic Food, a major Malaysia-based producer of organic fresh produce sold mainly through Cold Storage and Marketplace, has registered a year-on-year growth of more than 10 per cent since 2010.

Though director Tai Seng Yee says the organic market is still a niche one despite having existed for more than two decades, he feels this will change.

“We believe that more people will adopt healthier lifestyles in the near future and consuming produce free from chemicals, toxins and pesticides is one step towards a more health-conscious lifestyle,” he said.”

To read the full story, grab a copy of today’s The Straits Times!

Our director’s picture diary

Our director, Mr Tai Seng Yee, is passionate about organic food and sustainable farming. He has personally captured several beautiful images at our farms including our Zenxin Organic Park to share with you.

You and your loved ones are welcome to visit our 100-acre Zenxin Organic Park in Kluang. At the farm, you can enjoy free guided farm tours (at specific timings), cycling in our picturesque farm, shopping at our organic farm mart (packed with a huge range of organic produce!), treat yourself and your family to a decadent meal at our Chef’s Garden Restaurant or simply enjoy the greenery and scenic views!

Meanwhile, enjoy Mr Tai’s picture diary below!

Meet Mr Jimmy Lim – the mushroom expert in our farms!

 Mr Jimmy Lim is one of the persons-in-charge of mushroom production in Zenxin’s farms. He is the assistant production manager in the Zenxin Production Department.

Ever wondered how Zenxin grows its organic white oyster mushrooms? Many steps and procedures are required to produce delicious, high-quality organic white oyster mushrooms.

Mr Jimmy Lim describes the meticulous process below:

“To grow mushrooms, firstly, you have to keep your mushroom house clean. Secondly, maintain your room moisture level around 80% – 90% (we do this by having room sprayed three times a day as indicated by the moisture meter). Thirdly, maintain the room temperature around 25 – 28 degrees Celsius (same with above and keep good air ventilation inside the mushroom house). Keeping things clean and hygienic are one of our main priorities as all workers have to follow the stated protocol in handling mushrooms.

Mushroom production is usually estimated one week beforehand. A small sprout of mushrooms growing on the tip of the opened mushroom bag are an indication if the mushrooms are ready to be harvested. The white oyster mushroom is a variety of mushroom with a rather complicated growing behavior as compared to other mushrooms. Most cultivated mushrooms’ production involves exposing the mushroom bags to the atmosphere (and oxygen) or increasing the moisture levels of the room, but in the case of the white oyster mushroom, changes in temperature and moisture can determine the production. Vast changes in temperature and moisture levels during both daytime and nighttime will most probably impact the production of the white oyster mushroom.

The calculation starts from the day a mushroom starts to sprout out of the mushroom bags and it normally it takes 4 – 6 days for the sprouts to develop into mature mushrooms ready to be harvested.

There are a few pests and mushroom diseases found in the mushroom house. Common pests include cockroaches, snails, ants and spiders – but these are not the most dangerous. The most dangerous disease which can destroy all the mushrooms is the green mold fungus. Wood ears (Black fungus) is one species that is most susceptible to the disease. Fortunately for us, the white oyster mushroom has a better defense mechanism against the green mold disease and only 3% or lower than that are affected.

Mushroom waste or what we call “spent mushroom substrate” or ”mushroom media residues ” is a good source of carbon. After being sucked of all its nutrients by the mushrooms, the waste is basically emptied of important nutrients. Thus, it only serves as a carbon source where they will be mixed with a high nitrogen source waste to increase its nutrient content. This can be done by adding any animal waste in the ratio of 1 animal waste to 20 mushroom waste and composting for 3 – 6 months. After the period, the compost is ready for use and is enriched with compatible nutrients for plants.

Currently we have only white oyster mushrooms in our mushroom house and a few experiments have been conducted. Among the tests conducted are methods to control mushroom growth using several test materials to induce the production. We are using pH nature in the tests –  lemon is used and served as acidic media whereas hydrated lime is used as alkaline media.

Other than that, we use cold water to run the test. All the media are sprayed twice a week with a safe amount of cold water and mushroom production will be recorded. The experiments are still in progress and we hope we can have positive outcomes for our experiments.  As the main hot spot in Zenxin Organic Park, we have fully utilized the land beyond the mushroom house.”

Mr Jimmy Lim (left) with one of Zenxin’s farm workers.

Congratulations to Ms. Satvinder Kaur for winning our haze-healthy Organic Box worth $100!

Ms. Satvinder Kaur is the winner of our first Facebook contest which was launched on 24th  June. As promised, she received an organic box (worth $100) packed with haze-healthy food such as lemons, leafy greens, organic mulberry leaf tea, olive oil, blueberries and some lovely Alaskan Salmon. The gift was delivered to her personally and we had fun catching up with her as well!

An ardent fan of organic produce, Satvinder started on the organic food trail years ago when the first few certified organic items to become available in Singapore were dried goods such as sugar and beans. “I’m quite happy to see the variety, availability and affordability of organic food improve over the years. In fact, I first bought Zenxin produce a long time ago in Johore and was rather excited to see Zenxin in Singapore a few years later.”

Satvinder loves cooking with organic ingredients. “They are intrinsically more nutrient dense and flavourful,” she says. “I would love to share my knowledge and love for organic food and am thinking of starting classes,” she added.

“It is cheaper, tastier and environmentally friendly to eat as local as possible. For me, Zenxin hits the mark with their product and price range and quality. The wild Alaskan salmon in the box surprised me and I logged onto www.organicdelivery.sg to obtain some information about it. I was pleased to also find a source of non-homogenized milk in Singapore. On my wishlist, I would like to see Organic Peanut Oil (great for Chinese stir fry dishes), fresh organic rice noodles, chilled organic chicken and tree-ripened tropical fruits soon.”


Have you tried Zenxin’s tasty organic tomatoes?

Do you know that Zenxin’s organic tomatoes are bursting with nutrition and good flavour? That’s because they are soil-grown naturally with no chemicals , pesticides and certainly no genetically modified substances.

Thus, they are clean, pure and bursting with authentic flavour. Being untainted, bursting with natural goodness and free from harmful substances, these tomatoes are ideal for young children, the elderly, the health-conscious, and anybody who appreciates good-tasting, nutritious food!

Our best-selling tomatoes are:


1. Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes











2. Tomatoes on-the-vine

Tomatoes on-the-vine









3. Cherry roma on-the-vine

Roma tomatoes on-the-vine









 4. Round tomatoes

Round Tomatoes









5. Heirloom cherry tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes










 6. Yellow cherry tomatoes

Yellow cherry tomatoes










They are available at:

a)      Zenxin Organic Shop

No. 14 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-25 Singapore 110014

Business Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8.30am – 6.30pm

Tel [65] 6778 7369

b)    Selected Cold Storage, Giant, Market Place and Shop ‘N’ Save supermarkets

NASAA inspection in Zenxin Organic Operations

In April 2013, Ms Kathe Purvis, a representative from NASAA Australia, visited our Zenxin Organic Park to inspect our farm.

Zenxin’s whole production chain is certified organic by NASAA, the trustworthy National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. Our organic facilities (complete with a cold room specially dedicated for organic food repacking) are certified organic to offer our consumers the best organic produce option in the market.

Zenxin has a breakthrough this year where our unique organic grower group is setup to have a greater platform for the organic growers in Malaysia. It is certainly first of its kind in Malaysia. Zenxin Organic Grower Group program (ZOGG) assists the farmers who are converting to organic with standard operating procedures, training, inspection and certification process. We have our organic grower group under inspection this year.

Check out the pictures when we conduct our inspections.


Should you wish to view our sustainable farming practices in person, do visit our Zenxin Organic Park located at:

Zenxin Organic Park

Plot 47A & 47B, Batu 9,
Jalan Batu Pahat,
86000 Kluang, Johor.
Tel: +60 (7) 7595196, 019-7738985
Fax: +60 (7) 7595193
Email:[email protected]