Zenxin Organic Shop will close at 2pm on 9 March and is closed on 10 March.

Dear friends of Zenxin,

Due to a company event on 9th & 10th March 2013, the opening hours of Zenxin Organic Shop (at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre) will be affected as follows:

Saturday, 9th March 2013: Closed at 2pm

Sunday, 10th March 2013: Closed

On a sidenote, if you would like to enjoy yummy free food samples, do drop by Holland Village Cold Storage this weekend on 2nd & 3rd March. See you there!

Raw Food Demo (with an East Asian twist)

Meet Raw Chef extraordinaire Sharon Galistan of Rawlicious at Zenxin Organic Shop on 24th Feb 2013.

Date: 24th Feb 2013, Sunday

Time: 12:00pm – 15:00pm

Venue: Zenxin Organic Shop (No. 14 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-25 Singapore 110014. Tel [65] 6778 7369)

Expect demos of delicious raw dishes with an East Asian twist. Chef Sharon Galistan will also be explaining the benefits and techniques involved in activating and dehydrating nuts and will demonstrate the following raw dishes:

Fresh raw spring rolls
Raw kelp noodles
Raw almond cookies
Activated nuts

Ceridwen Wolf from Zenxin Organic Food will be conducting demonstrations for the following dishes:

Simmered kombu and sweet potatoes
Buckwheat and beetroot salad
Buckwheat muffins

To read more about Rawlicious, do visit  http://www.rawlicious.asia/

See you there!

Why eat soaked oats?

Why eat soaked oats?

 Most folks have heard that oats contain beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that helps remove LDL-Cholesterol, but this grain has other great benefits too.

Avena sativa or oats, also contains avenathramides, anti-oxidants that help prevent free radical damage, reducing the risk of a heart-attack or stroke.

Rolled or steel cuts oats provide a low GI (Glycemic Index) complex carbohydrate which the body can slowly convert into simple sugars. This and the high levels of magnesium in oats (235mg Magnesium/100g (59% DV)) help nourish the body and regulate glucose absorption in the intestine, protecting against obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Beta-glucan has also been shown to help neutrophils respond more quickly to an attack on the immune system and enhances their ability ingest foreign bacteria.

 Oats like many whole grains, also contain lignans which are thought to play a role in preventing hormone-associated cancers, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

Just one word of warning for those intolerant of gluten or suffering from Coeliac disease. Oats do contain 16% Avenin, a protein similar to the gluten found in wheat. However if oats are prepared in a wheat-free environment  some Coeliac sufferers can eat them.

So if you are going to eat oats, why soak them?

Like other seeds, oats contain phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors to prevent premature germination. Without soaking, sprouting or fermentation these can cause gas and bloating.

Untreated phytic acid combines with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc in the intestinal track and blocks their absorption. So a diet high in unfermented whole grains may led to mineral deficiencies and bone loss.

If you add water, warmth and a slightly acidic environment to Rolled Oats, the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are neutralized. Tannins, complex sugars, gluten and other difficult to digest substances are broken down for easy  digestion and best of all vitamin content, particularly B vitamins increases.

Fermentation or souring of grains is part of many ethnic cuisines. Iddli and dosai, our local Indian snacks, are made from fermented rice and urad dahl. In  Wales, ‘Llymru’ or flummery is a soured porridge made from oats often served with buttermilk. Bangalore has soured ‘Ragi’ porridge, West Africa soured millet porridge or ‘Ogi’.  In European health spas, Bircher muesli with fresh fruit is a common breakfast. To enjoy this healthy boost see our Bircher Muesli recipe here.




Ceri’s Bircher Muesli Recipe (by Ceridwen Wolf of Zenxin Organic Food)


Ceri’s Bircher Muesli recipe

(Feeds a big family for breakfast)


500g Zenxin raw rolled oats

500g filtered water or a good mineral water (eg. Volvic)

200g organic raisins

Organic orange juice or other fruit juice (enough to cover the raisins)

3 organic green apples

Juice of 3 organic lemons

200g of soaked organic almonds or hazelnuts

200g organic blueberries

2 Tbsp wild raw honey

1 tbsp plain organic acidophilus yoghurt (if dairy tolerant)



Soak the oats and almonds overnight separately in water and the raisins in the orange juice, again overnight. The water from the almonds is thrown away as it contains phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors which can inhibit trace elements and mineral absorption.

Next morning drain excess water off the oats and the almonds. Chop the almonds, then add them and the raisins and orange juice to the oats. Grate the apples into the lemon juice to prevent oxidation and stir into the oats. Add honey and fresh fruit and stir. Top with the yoghurt.

For a smaller portion simply reduce the oats/water to 1 cup, raisins/orange juice to 1 tbsp, apple/lemon to 1 of each, nuts/blueberries to 1 tbsp and honey to 1 tsp. Yoghurt as desired.

What are the health benefits of Bircher muesli?

Oats and almonds are in the top 5 foods touted by the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School for reducing LDL, the harmful cholesterol-carrying particle that contributes to artery-clogging atherosclerosis.

The soluble fibre in oats binds cholesterol and its precursors in the digestive system and drags them out of the body before they get into circulation. Almond skins have 30 different types of antioxidants which help reduce the oxidation of LDL. It’s the oxidised LDL that sticks to the artery walls which contributes to atherosclerosis.

Last but not least, organic acidophilus yoghurt is rich in calcium and probiotic cultures for healthy digestion.

About Bircher muesli

This muesli recipe was originally developed by Swiss nutritionist Dr.Bircher-Benner in the 1900’s for his patients, as part of his healing therapy. He believed that a diet rich in raw and natural ingredients dramatically improved his patient’s health.

Bircher muesli is a low GI food giving a slow release of energy, keeping you full longer!  The nuts provide essential fatty acids and nutrients, with endless health benefits. With fresh fruit, the dish is a fibre rich and highly nutritious breakfast option, making it the perfect start to your healthy day.

The key to Bircher muesli is the soaking overnight, to reduce indigestible phytic acids found in grains and nuts, improving the digestion and absorption of this nutrient dense muesli.

Tip: For a gluten-free Bircher muesli, use rolled Quinoa flakes instead of the oats.


Steamboat Stock & Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Promo! (whilst stocks last)

Our Simply Natural Steamboat Stock and Organic GABA Sprouted Brown Rice are on promotion!


Simply Natural Steamboat Stock  is made with a secret concoction of red dates, yuzhu, soybean extract and organic soybeans and has been used for 7 years in the highly-popular Zenxin Organic Steamboat dish. This steamboat dish has been the best-selling dish on the menu for 7 years at Zenxin’s Chef Garden Restaurant in Johor.

Do you know that sprouted brown rice has twice the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) of regular brown rice, and ten times the GABA of white rice? Adequate supplies of GABA improve the sleep cycle thus giving deeper rest, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, inhibits development of cancer cells, and assists in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Best of all our organic sprouted GABA brown rice has a sweet nutty taste which children love. Due to its nutrient-rich nature, it is especially recommended for babies, growing children and health-conscious individuals.

Simply order the Simply Natural Steamboat Stock and Organic GABA Sprouted Brown Rice from www.organicdelivery.sg to enjoy the discounts and have them delivered to your doorstep. (Whilst stocks last)

Zenxin’s MSG-free and Vegetarian-friendly Steamboat Stock featured in Berita Minggu (3rd Feb 2013)

Zenxin’s Simply Natural Steamboat Stock was featured in Berita Minggu (the Sunday version of the Malay newspaper) on 3rd February 2013.

The halal-certified stock is made with secret concoction of red dates, yuzhu, soybean extract and organic soybeans. It is tasty, flavourful and enhances the flavour of vegetables and meat very well. Available all-year-round, Zenxin’s Simply Natural Steamboat Stock is priced at $5 per pack.






Translation of the article:

“The steamboat is one of the most popular dishes served during reunion dinners during Chinese New Year.  To prepare a steamboat dish, one requires stock made from chicken, meat, seafood or vegetables.

Zenxin Organic Food has recently launched its Simply Natural Steamboat Stock which is low in fat and cholesterol. This stock is made with organic soy beans, red dates, a herb called yuzhu and soybean extract. This stock does not contain MSG, is full of flavour and enhances the flavour of meat and vegetables very well.

To prepare, you need to boil water in a pot, and pour the steamboat stock contents in it. Your should expect a clear golden-coloured soup. Add vegetables such as cabbage, brocolli, mushrooms and tofu. You may also add slices of meat, although it is not necessary. This is a steamboat dish which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

This stock can be obtained at Zenxin Organic Shop at Pasir Panjang or selected Cold Storage outlets including those at United Square and Changi City Point.”

Available at Zenxin Organic Shop (No. 14 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-25 Singapore 110014
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8.30am – 6.30pm. Tel [65] 6778 7369)